Holy Spirit Teachings 43 From 07/11/23 to 07/17/23 – LynL

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Holy Spirit Teachings 43
From 07/11/23 to 07/17/23

May 5, 2024 12:05 PM

Tic Tok- Where’s the Doc
My children, sickness is soon to come upon your planet like the likes have never been seen before. Some sickness due to pandemics, others planned by the enemy (some within), and other thru celestial events soon to invade your sky’s.
Be prepared with water, food, medications as well as all toiletries. You soon will not have the ability to obtain these items, as before. Have self-survival books that will help with medical questions and procedures. For you may not have a doctor that can help in emergency situations. Help all that you are able to help, as supplies become non-existent. Trade one talent for another as a means of sharing and trading. Help to house those who are without, if possible.
Times are about to get very rough. Focus on me for I will be with you.

Polluted Bodies, Polluted Minds
Our bodies are the temples of God. When we do anything to corrupt the flesh, we are harming the living God as well. Each sin that impacts the body
(fornication, drugs, drinking, etc.) has an impact on our soul. It brings us further away from God.
Our mission, while on Earth, is to prepare ourselves to move on to the afterlife. Those who do not do this, have a polluted body at the time of death. They are unable to enter into my Heavenly Kingdom while in this state of disrepair.
It is important (paramount) to repent of all sins, then to stay away from these sins. It is not impossible; it is a choice. You choose to sin, or you choose not to sin. This is the free will you were given. I can warn you; I can have others warn you, but ultimately your decision is your choice for Heaven or Hell. I Am a patient God, who has given many warnings, that many have not heeded. It is now time to reexamine the choices you have made and alter your course, if need be. I love all my children and do not want one to perish!

When Your Soul is Ready, You Will Mirror Me
Many of my children have had a long journey, to get where they are today. They have worked on their bad habits, their demeanor, their countenance, and their love for others. They have spent a great deal of time learning of me and my Kingdom, telling others about me, and reading my word. These are the children of mine that are mirror reflections of me.
They have readied themselves for battle, they are ready to save souls and they know, right over wrong. They do not faulter, they rarely slip up, but when they do, they repent.
What started many years ago (when you totally started waking up) has come to fruition. The battles are being laid out, the strategies are flawless, and my army will take its place.
I Am your commander and chief and you will mirror me to raise the dead, heal the broken hearted, heal the lame, cast out demons and bring many to salvation. My army is ready for a battle of a lifetime!

Each of my children know who I Am. They read my word; they memorize parts of my word. Not only do they hear, but they implement what has been digested into their souls. They become like I Am and emulate who I was when on Earth. They know far more than the once-a-week child who doesn’t have time for me during the week. They can feel my pain, my sorrow and know when I Am with them. They work in faith. Most cannot see me, but know I Am there. They are happy to spend time with me and are elated that they can help my Kingdom in various ways. Some have money, and some don’t. Some give to the Kingdom in their time and efforts to help others. Some help others financially. Either way, they contribute the way they can. My chosen are special in many ways. They chose to get ready; they chose me over other activities; they carved out time in their schedules to hear from me.
These are my Army. These will be the victors because they already are!

When God Knocks, Will You Answer?
God has been knocking on your door your whole lifetime. Some have listened and opened up their doors and hearts to him. Others, it is a continual battle to get the masses to wake-up and pay attention. Their busy schedules, time needed to entertain, commitments, work and the list goes one, and it is endless. Most do not want to be inconvenienced to schedule me in. Their idols (anything they pay attention to more than me) are their focus.
As things continue to get worse (weather, wars, pandemics, sky anomalies) you will need me more than ever. I love you and I would like a relationship with you. Forget the past and start anew with me. Repent, humble yourself and talk to me as you would your best friend. I Am ready to help direct you and give you peace of mind. Get rid of all sins for Heaven does not accommodate sin. I Am at your door, please let me in.

Down the Drain with Sin
Sin is a component of evil. It is a tool the enemy uses to capture your soul. It is a means of a heaviness that chains you down and makes it ever increasingly hard to escape, from these chains.
Free choice is what I gave you. You have the ability to choose sin or righteousness. This choice is given to you by I Am.
Some of my children do not understand the dire consequences of sin and continue partaking in sin daily. Even though they do not know the consequences of continuing in sin, deep down, they do know it is morally wrong. I give this ability to my children to know right from wrong.
Some have been on the path (wrong) for so long, they barely can perceive (right from wrong) any longer.
It is time to take control of your soul and your final destination, when you die. Sin must be left in the rear-view mirror and conquered before making it to my heavenlies.
Repent daily, stop all sin, rebuke the enemy in my name, and spend time with me in prayer is the formula to make it to Heaven.
Do not let the enemy capture your soul. Eternity with them will not be pleasant. I love you and wish for you to spend your eternity with me.

My Cup Runneth Over- The Blood of Jesus
The blood will keep you safe when times get difficult. Plead the blood of Jesus over all people you wish protection over, put a hedge of protection around them and know they will be safe in troubling times. My blood has supernatural properties that when applied, keeps evil away. Each and every day, apply my blood over yourself, your animals, your possessions, your finances, and your health.
This can be done easily. Say out loud:
In the mighty name of Jesus, I apply his blood to myself, my animals, my possessions, my finances, and my health. Put a hedge of protection around us (and whomever you are praying for) and keep us safe, in Jesus’ name. Whatever you wish to pray for, can be done in this manner, and I will hear you.

I Am will Do What is Necessary to Bring You to Salvation
I Am a God who loves each of my children, I do not want to lose even one. I have warned for many years to get close to me, and we are now ready for things to begin (more rapid pace). Those who have listened will be under my feathers and be shielded from the wrath to come. The others who have not heeded the warning will regret that they did not. These children will find themselves battling entities, they do not understand or comprehend. Without the tools that are necessary they will faulter and be at a major disadvantage. They will need to learn how my Kingdom and Satan’s works if they are to make any headway in the battles that will ensue. My children will have opportunities to get close to me and make headway where they faltered in the past. Many, of my children, will come to me as they see the necessity of my guidance. I love all my children and want all to find their way to my Kingdom and salvation

Finding Your Way to I Am
Some children found their way to me many years ago. Some have lost interest and now are lost. Others never were interested and stay unconvinced of my existence.
It is up to each child of mine to discover the importance of having a relationship with me. Your salvation is tied to discovering this. I died so you would have the ability to be saved. I Am a crucial factor that must be acknowledged. I Am the gateway to eternal existence and my Heavenly realm is waiting for your ability to realize this.
Finding your way to Heaven starts with repentance of all sins. Repentance means to turn away from these sins. It does not mean to go back to them over and over.
Each person is responsible for their own soul. The fleshly part of your being will want what is not righteous. The dangers of staying in the flesh are grave. My Kingdom allows only righteous souls to enter. Repent, get to know me, read my word. I Am my (the) Word.

Battles, All Will Be Fighting- There Will Be No Peace
Those who have gotten close to me will not feel the impact like my children who have ignored my warnings. Much will happen in a short period of time. The closer you are to me, the more you will feel peace.
Continue to pray for your loved ones, those who would not listen to you. Cover them, in the blood.
My army will soon take their places. There will be no mistaking who belongs to my Army. Their light will shine for all to see.
Be ready for changes throughout the world. Many of these changes will be devastating.
It is never too late to get close to me. You may have to die as a Tribulation Saint, but the good news is you will be with me for eternity (for left behind). Never deny my name, do not take the mark of the beast (Rev 13:16-18 & Rev 14:9-11) and stop all sins with sincere repentance. I will help you as you spend time with me

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead
Like the terrible witch in the Wizard of Oz, Sin is what keeps you from Salvation into my Kingdom. Your witch, your sin, is conquerable.
You were made to be able to stop sin, to make a decision for partaking in sin or not. This is the free choice I gave you.
Unfortunately, many of my children like and want to continue in sin. They believe I will make an exception for “their sins,” but, I will not.
It is up to each person to make the decision for good and righteousness on their own. I always hear, “But it is too hard”. It’s hard only because that person likes the sin over the righteous. Decisions for the right road, to salvation, must be a conscience act against following sin. Sin loves to stick to the flesh and is seemingly hard to extract. But extraction is as simple as no longer being led by your flesh. Your decision and follow thru is you key to freedom.
Not everyone will choose this course. Not everyone will make it to Heaven. What is your choice?

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