Holy Spirit Teachings 41 From 06/28/23 to 07/04/23 – LynL

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Holy Spirit Teachings 41
From 06/28/23 to 07/04/23

April 22, 2024 1:19 AM

I Bring You Salvation
I Am here to bring as many to salvation as possible. Many still do not understand why I died on the cross. I gave each person the ability to be saved by my death. While I was on the cross, I took all of your sins, and paid the price that YOU should have been responsible for. I did this willingly and without coercion. I was sinless which was the way I paid for your sins.
Each person has the ability to be saved because of my sacrifice. This is my free gift to each of my children.
Sin cannot enter Heaven, so it is up to you to repent and not go back to it. The New Heaven and New Earth will be glorious. Kindness, love, and caring individuals will reside there. I would never want to transfer what is on Earth (sin) to the Heavenlies.
Many have made mistakes during their lives. It is now time to clean up those mistakes, for time is short. Each of my children are responsible for what they have done in life and will need to repent of past and current sins. Of course, they cannot go back to these sins and be considered “clean” by me.
Repent, pray, read my word, and have love in your heart for your fellow man. I would love for you to reside with me in Heaven.

The Earth Moans and Groans
It is time for changes upon planet Earth. It is the start of the end. As the planet warms up, you will see volcanoes going off in diverse places. The magma will start breaching the Earth in some areas causing fires to erupt all over the Earth. It will not be apparent to most since this has been hidden from the public. I have always said that I will destroy by fire and so it starts. Smoke will be commonplace. Earthquakes and major land shifts will change the landscape as well as continents. Sinkholes will be prevalent everywhere. Movement from place to place will become extremely difficult (roads will be impassible). Rains will flood vast areas and drench the lands. Tornadoes, hurricanes, and hail will rip thru everything in their paths. These occurrences will escalate. Coastlines will start to disappear leaving far less land masses. I Am will supervise all changes. Those close to me will not need to worry. I will be with you as well. To say there will be change is an understatement. Be ready for the ground you stand on to morph and change as time moves forward.

Be Ready for the Unusual and Unbelievable
Things are ready to take place on the Earth like never before. You will be amazed at the things that have been kept from your purview. You will be astonished that life will change, to such a point, you will not recognize it. I Am the architect of the universe and I create what is needed to accomplish my tasks. I Am is in charge of everything. Be ready for what you will see in the heavens, be ready for change. It is time to get close to your creator. You will be needing me more and more as events start to ramp up. I Am there in your prayers. Give me your heart and repent of all that you have done wrong. With repentance and abstaining from those sins, you will be forgiven. Do not wait, the time is very late.

The Trolley Without the Rubber Wheels
It is said that the squeaky wheel gets the grease (most attention). I Am silent, I Am humble, I Am quiet, I Am in the background, but I Am everywhere. Why is it that you cannot perceive me? I have been around your whole life. I Am in each coincidence you claim are random. I Am in all truth you try to bend to your own advantage. I Am in Love which you pervert, so it no longer resembles anything that remotely is love.
I wait for you to wake up to the fact that these perversions will not make it into Heaven. I wait for your repentance on bended knees. Like the proverbial hourglass, your time has run out. Changes will rapidly occur everywhere. You will wait for it all to go back to normal, but it won’t.
Will you change with the changes that occur? Will you ever understand your soul lies in the balance? What will you do about it? Will you pray to me and ask for my help, or will you just cower in the corner in fear? Fear is appreciated by the enemy. Will you give them what they want? Many questions, hopefully you will find me for those answers you desperately will need.

I Am There to Guide You Along the Way
I have enough love for all my children to help and guide them thru all that is coming. To access me it is best to be in a quiet room. Tell me what is on your mind. It is always best to “clean” your soul with heartfelt repentance. If you have unforgiveness, this must also be repented for, even if you have not forgiven yourself. We have held on to the bitterness for too long and it is time to shed the chains that have kept us from our full potential. Each sin, of all types, must be addressed and repented of, if you are to move forward toward salvation. I will be there to help if you request it of me.
Life will be changing in so many ways. Do not fear, just get close to me. I Am will help you stand on firm ground.

Some Things Are Meant to Be
I was always meant to come to Earth. I knew that with Adam and Eve sinning in the garden that my children would have to be rescued and given a chance of salvation.
Many centuries of stories have passed and now, the end, which was always meant to happen, is here.
Read Revelation (Holy Bible, Last Chapter) for a peek into what will be.
All horses are out and running now. They just have not completely made it to their destination yet. The new government of the world is close to being installed. The banking system is ready to be overturned for a new system. A new religion that makes Jesus as only a prophet is ready to emerge worldwide. Yet most, see none of this, and think business is as usual. But it is not.
Ready yourself for changes that you could not have even imagined. Ready yourself for my coming.

Heaven is Beautiful…
My Kingdom in Heaven is beautiful. Every wonder is breathtaking. Each blade of grass is the greenest green and never dies. Trees of fruit can be picked and grow back right after it is picked. The sky is alive with swirling hues and life is never pressured or worrisome. For Heaven is loving. All care about the other person and there are so many projects, hobbies, and inventions that all work on to keep busy.
Hell, on the other hand, is extremely hot, smelly, and dark. Screams can be heard echoing each of the corridors. There are many cavities and dungeons and lakes that make up hell. Each person, depending on their sins, are assigned the torment they will endure for eternity. They will die that horrible death over and over and over forever. They are there non-stop.
Earth is a testing ground. You must make a choice for Heaven or Hell, which depends on if you are in sin, at the end of your life. Sin can be repented of, so to cleanse your soul. Getting to know your Father in Heaven and his word is also important.
Don’t make the mistake in believing in a big bang theory. For all these theories are put out by the enemy to capture your soul.

Revival Will Come to the Earth
Revival is just around the corner. Things never witnessed and seen by the masses will become commonplace. Legs and arms will grow out, new teeth will appear, new hearts or anything that ails you will be corrected. Revivals will spring up everywhere giving faith and spirituality to many. My children will know of my love for them as revivals spring up across the world. It will be like a wildfire of healings. Those who are healed will be a testimony of my existence and love.

Time Runs Out-Now What?
For some of my children, who know me, and are truly woken up, it has been a long time. They are tired, exhausted and wish to move on. We are there now.
For my other children, who do not have a clue of what is coming, they will have to acclimate swiftly.
Those who go to church and give me that small amount of time and forget me during the week, will need to step-up to the plate and give me their all. The seemingly impossible will become the new reality. What man has said is not possible will change the physics that have held up for thousands of years. It is time to get well rooted in me. Pray like never before, read my word, praise me, repent of all sins, and then stay away from all that is not of I Am. The only way to survive what is coming upon the Earth is your proximity to I Am.
Salvation is accomplished with getting to know me, lack of sin, love for your fellow man and following my rules. Salvation is my gift of a choice of which Kingdom you wish to be part of. I died so you could make this choice.
My Kingdom is sinless and thus you must be as well. I wait for your choice and directional changes.

Independence Day from Sin and Satan. Where is Your Heart?
The heart is one of the most important organs in your body. It is how I gauge who you are and what you have learned while on Earth. It is a compass to me of your character, love, and compassion. I can see when your heart is in need of repair, when it is sick and when it needs to change directions in life.
Your heart is my GPS to your soul. As you go thru life some fine tune their hearts to match mine and come into harmony with me. They get closer and closer to the Kingdom of God as they are doers of the word. Then there are my children who never try to better themselves and do what the flesh leads them to do. These children need to recalibrate their souls with a major reset.
To reset your soul takes repentance, prayer, reading or hearing of my word (I Am my word), and staying away from all sins. Yes, it does take effort but is necessary if you wish to join me in Heaven. Sin must be left behind. Sin is that chain that keeps you on Earth, weighing you down. Each time you repent, and mean it, chains are broken and fall away. It is up to you to get out of your prison (sin). I wait for you to bust thru each and every chain, so your soul becomes light and enlightened.
Your Father in Heaven

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