Holy Spirit Teachings 40 From 06/23/23 to 06/28/23 – LynL

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Holy Spirit Teachings 40
From 06/23/23 to 06/28/23

April 15, 2024 8:58 AM

Changing of the Guard- Part 2
As things continue to go in a spiral downwards, make sure you are with me with everything you do. Focus on Jesus whenever things look bleak and worrisome. I Am will watch over you and give you supernatural calm. Focus on my love, kindness, provisions, and direction I want you to take. Focus on what you currently have, rather than future forecasts. I am provides for my own.
Stay in prayer, focus on me, be thankful for what you do have. Things will continue to get progressively worse. Do not be upset for I Am is in total charge of the direction everything will take.
I Am has you under my feathers and will keep you there until the storms subsides.
While in prayer ask for peace of mind. Do not focus on worry, that path leads nowhere. Spend time with me to get the strength you will need to make it thru the coming times that are rapidly approaching.

All In
Are you all in with your faith with me? Do you spend time with me? Do you pray to me? Are you ready for all the changes and choices that you will be confronted with, in the near future? I hope you are all in, your life will be so much easier. You will have a calm that others will envy.
Those who are all in, know me, know my Kingdom and my character. They know they can trust me and count on me to help them with whatever comes around. They do not worry about food, shelter, danger for I Am will be there to save them, to comfort them, to cloth and feed them.
If you are not all in, there is still time to give your life to me. To repent of the sins, you have done and to never go back to them. If you are all in, you will be saved and ready for my Kingdom.

Demonic Entities-Your Enemy Lurks Deep Inside of You
Your enemy is a stealth, cunning, evasive enemy who lurks in the shadows of your soul. He hides in each sin you commit, each impure thought you have, and each unfinished hatred and unforgiveness you harbor inside of you. He keeps you captive, he binds you with chains and steals any hope of salvation as he hides within you. Most do not even know he is there. He makes his home in your body and lives thru (for) your transgressions. Each and every sin you partake in, the enemy digs in even deeper.
Like the wind, the enemy can’t be seen. His hiding place becomes your behavior. He pretends to leave while you try to better yourself, but always reappears at weak moments in your life. Demons will not leave permanently unless extracted. It is up to the individual to repent of their sins, and not to go back to them. Some demons need fasting and prayer to be effective deterrents to getting rid of them.
Pray for my help, rebuke them, and tell them you belong to Jesus, and they cannot return. Your soul must be rid of all sins before entering into my Heaven. There is no more time to put off what should have been taken care of, long ago. I will be with you during this difficult time.

Left Behind- People Vanish, Disappear and are Gone
Some believe in the Rapture and others think it is a myth from long ago.
The bible is one of the few truths of the history of Earth. It tells of past, present, and future events. My “Holy Bible” is circular in many ways. What has happened before, will happen again.
When the rapture takes place, you will be missing your loved ones. These are the people who followed my rules, spent time with me, read my word. These will be those who stayed away from sin. You may be surprised that some you thought were perfect individuals, are still here. Many have secrets that are only known to them. Affairs, fornication, lusts, unforgiveness, lying, cheats and many other sins weigh you down and chain you to Earth. There will be stories of alien abducting the people that are gone, but these are fabricated lies.
If you are left behind, it is time to clean up the sins you have held on to in the past. Repent, never deny my name, read my word, pray often, and do not return to sin of any kind. Find groups of liked minded people and pray daily, commune and get as close to me as possible. I Am will be in those groups to help lead you to salvation.

Hooray for Hollywood- A Cesspool of Demons
Hollywood is known for its actors, actresses and fabulous movies. It is the mecca of entertainment. Hollywood is far more than what the motion picture industry allows the masses to see. Its camera trickery, green screens, and illusions are only a minor picture of what lurks in Hollywood. The public has been deceived for years. With special effects, this industry has moved into politics, space, cover-ups and more. What we think we see is only an illusion. As in the Wizard of Oz, it was all an illusion behind the curtain.
Many people who run Hollywood, have partaked in sins beyond our wildest dreams.

Timing of the End- Part 2
The end is so close now. There is always a beginning and an end, to every story. We now are moving thru the ending chapter of my “Holy Bible”. Pieces are falling into place, and it won’t be long before it is quite apparent to many, things are no longer normal.
We are moving into the destruction phase and as things get worse, many will know they can no longer rely only on themselves. It will be apparent that they need a higher source, than themselves.
I Am can be contacted in prayer in a quiet room or place. I Am has always been there by your side, but many have ignored my presence. It is time to ask for help and assistance. It is time to put all sins to rest. It is time to become part of my Kingdom. You will need me for the remaining part of your journey.

Drum Roll…The Trumpets will Sound Soon
The trumpets announce my coming and my arrival. Those who will meet me in the air are my cherished, chosen children. I smile with the thought of being reunited with my children.
Many years of preparation, visions, dreams, writings have all culminated into this moment in time. I will say, “Well done” to all my faithful children.
Time is moving faster now; do you feel it? Very little time is left. Focus on me at all times.
There will be a shift that will take place, be ready for change.

Sin is Sin, So My Heart Breaks
Century after century things have degraded to what we now see upon your planet. Each and every person who partakes in sin is responsible for its condition.
The person who claims its ok to lie, the person who says, “What harm is it to sleep with my boss’s wife”, the person who cheats anyone he can, to get ahead, are all complicit in the degradation of what is now right in front of our eyes.
All sin is a means of bringing one’s soul to a newer lower level. What we do not fix (rectify) or change, the worse it tends to become.
Look at the drug addict, the drunk, the thief and the fornicators. Most will not stop the forward movement of their sins unless caught, forced, prosecuted, or called out on them. Even then, they will find a new and better way to continue, so not to be found out.
Sin is Sin. There is no getting around the damage it causes to one’s soul. It is time to irradicate the sin in one’s life, and to move towards righteousness.
Prayer, repentance, spending time with me and my word are the correct direction to cleanse your soul. Do not go back to sin for these are avenues the enemy uses for permission to enter your soul.

Raiders of the Lost Ark
I Am the ark you should be looking for. I Am is your Salvation. No matter what happens in this life, it is important that you find me. It is important enough to say that your life hinges in the balance, while you are in the valley of indecision. My ark can hold as many of my children as necessary. My ark is expandable.
I love each of my children and want them to wake-up. As you ride the waves of indecision, I Am here knowing many will find me before it is too late.
Heaven, your true home, is a place that is without sin. It is important to rid yourself of all sins and repent. My Kingdom is there for the asking. My ark awaits you!

Your Eternal Soul – What is Your Destination?
I Am with everyone who wishes me to be with them. I may not be seen but my presence is there within them. I guide them through the hard times and the difficult encounters they have while on Earth. Each person is intricately made and fashioned to do and accomplish things upon your Earth. When a person does not follow my lead, it is a great loss to humanity. That child has taken an incorrect turn and changed the path they were meant to travel. Generations change, down the line, due to their directional choices.
I Am can only lead and suggest choices, but the decisions and courses that are taken, are up to each individual (free choice). Many do not want to follow me and my Kingdom and believe being a “Good Person” is enough to make it into Heaven. This is not true. Sin entered into each and every person due to Adam and Eve. Repentance of sins is a must. Staying away from sins is imperative. This is a means of cleaning one’s soul and should be done daily.
I will not force anyone to do what they do not wish to do. But as a Father, I Am concerned for their eternal soul. Without the cleansing and purifying of their souls, they will not make it into eternity with me.
Your Father

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