Holy Spirit Teachings 4- from 01/18/23 to 01/22/23 – LynL

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Holy Spirit Teachings 4- from 01/18/23 to 01/22/23

August 16, 2023 6:49 PM

Curtain Opens

The start of what you might call the END is imminent. The horses are all lined up, the birth of the man child is ready to occur, and the masses are still clueless.

God help us all as events proceed and are marked in time. We are the “Revelation Generation”.
No more wondering, when, how, what, where-it is here!

Each of us are in our places ready for what is to be. There will be no more preparations for time has run out. We take a forward leap into the unknown and hope we have prepared enough. But what many do not know is the only preparation is thru God. Your belief is paramount. As each event happens, it is important to ask God for advice, direction and a path to take. Not all paths are equal. Every direction you take has consequences. Either good or bad.

Each person will truly find out who they are when there is little to go around. I will be with mine, at all times. You can count on me.

My Breath

My breath is in each and every one of you. I am your life, without me, you would not exist. I have been with you since your conception and have watched your every move. My love has no bounds for you. I am with you when you are happy, sad, lonely, upset or ecstatic. I watch everything and marvel at my creation. I feel your pain, I feel your joy. I am with you always. Most are not aware of how closely I monitor your progress, your triumphs and yes, even your failures. I experience thru you each and every detail that makes up your life. I Am here always. I live within you.

Each person can choose right or wrong. The Holy Spirit needs a clean vessel to reside in. As sin becomes permeated within a body, the Holy Spirit chooses to separate from that soul. Jesus died so each can repent and renounce sin. With repentance one needs to change direction and change the course they have previously been on. This was the gift my son gave to humanity. Through repentance one can clean their soul and be born again so we can reside together for eternity. Heaven is not a place where sin resides. Now is the time to change your direction, before becoming lost forever.

Be The Light in This Darkened World

My light shines within those who follow me and my brightness. I Am is the light, the way, the truth. I Am there to lead the way and show you the correct path, the less used way (road).

Be the light in this darkened world. Show who I am thru you. Be there to help others when no one else will. Your light lights up the path for others. Without you leading the way, the path can’t (may not) be seen. Illumination is needed for many to find their path and their direction in life.

Each of us is responsible for ourselves but it does not stop there. Your neighbor is just like yourself. He or she may not be up to your level that you have made it to. They will need your assistance and help to find their way. Be that light you were made to be and illuminate their path. They might not find it without you. I am counting on you.

My Heart

My heart is for (wants) every single one of you to make it to heaven. My heart longs for you to make the correct decisions and take the correct paths. My heart is joyful when I see you doing the right, over the wrong. My heart leaps when you know who your creator is and gives me praise.

My heart is saddened when you take the wrong path. I would like to give you the ability to do it over, but this is how you learn. Mistakes eventually turn into paths of righteousness if the soul is seeking me and my Kingdom. They strive for doing the correct thing. They work on getting better each and every day.

Not everyone will choose me in the end. Sins lure will overtake many and they will not be able to compensate in my direction. Each of us are stewards of our own faith. Our compasses need to be calibrated when going off kilter.
Just like we know going 100 miles an hour in a residential area is not safe, we know that sin brings us to the wrong place. Be careful and how fast you travel!

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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