Holy Spirit Teachings 38 from 6/16/23 to 6/22/24 – LynL

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Holy Spirit Teachings 38 from 6/16/23 to 6/22/24

April 10, 2024 6:48 PM

I Am in Charge
Each of us have tried their best to be in a world that we have little control over. The world is not run by any one individual. But there are many that conspire to control the masses with rules and regulations to enslave humanity. It is up to us not to adhere to principles that are not in line with the U.S. Constitution. We are one nation under God. I Am will not ignore the flagrant changes that the elite are trying to put into place. I Am in charge and will NOT put up with this any longer. I have spoken.

In the Mitts of the Enemy
Who is the enemy? Who do we trust? Who is in charge?
The enemy is the one who causes confusion, causes unrest, and causes one to do what they may not do normally without coercion. The enemy is sly and hides in the crevasses of the Earth in political, religious, farm-chute-acles and teaching institutions. The enemy is sly as a snake with leading us down the wide road to destruction.
Everything they do is geared for our demise. Everything they do is to line their pockets. Human life is never in the equation. For human life to them is an inconvenience, a burden, that must be addressed and eliminated.
The enemy and their tactics should be avoided at all costs. It is a road that many have followed in the past but now need to wake up to how they have been misled. Your soul lies in the balance between good and evil. Do not be caught on the wrong side of the fence and certainly do not straddle that fence. My Kingdom does not allow both good and bad.

I Give You Salvation for the Asking
I died on the cross to give you the ability to be saved. Your salvation is there for the asking. I ask only for repentance and the stopping of all sins. I ask for you to get to know me. My death gives you this free gift of salvation
My Kingdom does not accommodate sin. Sin must be left behind you. I love my creation and want all children to be in Heaven with me.
Humble yourself, repent and give me the time I deserve as your Savior and King. I Am here to welcome you in.

All Tied Up- Thoughts That Aren’t Yours
Do you ever feel you are constrained, controlled, tightened up with chains that bind you? Your thoughts don’t match with who you truly are. These thoughts consume you and control you. Your oppressed and don’t understand why. If this is how you feel you need to address the root of the problem.
Many have had experiences that have shattered their lives. Rape, verbal abuse, drugs, alcohol, and many other areas as well. All these influences invite demonic entities to enter your soul. It is like two people cohabitating in one body.
If you are tired of sharing your quarters with someone else, then do the following steps.
Get on your knees and humble yourself.
Ask for forgiveness of all wrongs you have ever done and do not go back to these wrongs.
If you have any unforgiveness for anyone (no matter what terrible thing they have done) you must forgive them. Forgiveness issues allow demons entrance into you as well.
Ask for my help to get rid of the hurt and help with the healing process.
Pray every day for the cleansing of your soul, mind, and spirit.
All the baggage and weight you have been carrying around with you will be lifted, giving you freedom to be you, once again.
All sins invite new demons, so stay away from anything that is not of me. Heaven is sinless and so you must be as well.

The Jungle We Call Earth
Earth has become a cesspool of filth. Many do not adhere to the rules that have been set forth in the Bible. My Holy Bible is the guidelines to help you enter my Kingdom. I expect a person who is honest, righteous, loving, kind, caring, one who loves his neighbor as (like) himself. When I exam the heart I see the love for others.
One who partakes in the sins of the flesh are not only hurting themselves, but this sin affects me as well for we are one. Lies, deceit, corruption must be stayed away from. Unforgiveness damages your soul and keeps you from advancing to the heavenly realm.
It is time to give up all sins that will keep you from the Heavenly realm. Repent of them now before it is too late. Time has run out and only a few grains of sand need to hit the bottom. Do NOT delay.

Chopsticks Are Not Made to be Crutches
Each of us in life lean on our own understanding of what is happening, what direction we should travel in and what tasks we need to perform. Chopsticks were never meant to carry the weight of a person in a bad situation. God has always been there for you whether in a bad situation or not. It is up to you to utilize God as your crutch in life.
You need to stop using the enemy’s chopsticks to move thru life. It is time to take back your life, rebuke the enemy and carry your own load without enemy interference. The crutches you use to deaden the pain are only bandages. You need a much greater force.
Stop all things that bring your soul to a wrong place. Humble yourself, repent and with repentance your soul will be cleansed. I will hear you much better, as you clean all sins from your life.
I love you and want you to be in my Kingdom. Sin does not enter into the Heavenlies. It is time now, to make your soul white and full of light. I will help, just ask.
Your Father in Heaven

If You Know Me Well, You Will Shine
Each of us have followed a path while going thru our sojourn on Earth. We are captives in a foreign country with no understanding of its language or customs.
But those who know me, followed my rules and have done what is righteous have no language barriers or customs that are unfamiliar to them. They know me. They follow my Word. The path that they have forged is on the narrow path. They have given their lives to me and now is their time to shine. Their light will be such that they will be seen from afar. Their countenance will exude that of my brightness. Each will become like beacons of light, love, and hope that many will flock to them to get answers. These beacons will represent me and my Kingdom. Countless souls will gravitate to the light, that in essence, is me (I Am).

Inside Out
I can either be on the inside of you or you can cast me out with the sins you partake in. Do I reside inside of your or not? If not, why not? Your salvation is tied to where I reside. Yes, it is a free gift, but you must sin no more (remember the prostitute was told to sin no more). John, baptized WITH repentance. Repentance means turning away from your sins—NOT going back to them. The Bible has hundreds of examples of what I allow and what I don’t.
Many men, even my preachers, make excuses and circumvent the laws that have been put in place. They are now trying to push that one God fits all. This is not what my word says. I Am a jealous God and expect your allegiance to me (Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit). We together make the one and only true God. Read my word, repent of all sins, and get close to me.

Along the Path We Travel- Who Are You?
Which path are you on? Are you on the narrow and straight road that leads to salvation? Or are you on the wide road, which many take which leads to ultimate death. Your soul is what matters at the time of your death. If the path you take is the wrong path you will find yourself in an eternity of Hell. There is no escape after judgement. This is the final un-resting place of the damned.
While you are alive you can change your destination to an eternity in Heaven.
Repent of all sins
Do not go back to them
Start a relationship with me
Read or listen to my Word (My Word will tell you who I Am)
Each person is responsible for what they do while on Earth. While interacting with others it is important to be around those who show who I Am through their actions. Being around liars, thieves, fornicators, prideful and unhumble are not a good idea. They generally will bring you down with them. Look at the persons fruit to see what type of individual you are dealing with.
Get on the narrow path and be the person you were meant to be.

The Timing of the End
None know the day or hour, but there are events that will happen in a certain order.
You will see continued weather patterns getting worse upon your planet. Each few months will be a step towards more Earthquakes, volcanoes, wind speed, heavy rains, larger hail, and tornadoes. Civil unrest will get progressively worse. Truths that have been hidden will become more apparent. More plagues, as well as deadlier ones, will plague your Earth. Darkness will cover the Earth as new celestial bodies litter the sky.
Healings and deliverances will be part of the wake-up call to the masses who know me not. My love will go out far and wide and bring many to salvation. Changes will progressively get worse upon Earth until the Tribulation is completed. Many losses of lives will be felt due to plagues, earth changes, wars, unrest, lack of food and shelter problems.
It is imperative to stay away from sin. Repent daily, read my word, pray, and always make time for me. The closer you get to my Kingdom, the easier it will become. I protect my obedient children.

Changing of the Guard
It is time for the changing of the guard. This Earth has been plagued by demonic forces that have brought it to her knees. It is time for a major overhaul.
I Am will no longer allow the degradation of what I created to continue.
I Am will be in control, so to give the masses a chance for Salvation. Too many hindering influences have caused my children into numerous sins. It is time to change the guard and lead those who would like salvation to my Kingdom. I Am a loving and gentle God. I will not force anyone to do what they do not want to do. It has always been your choice.
If your choice is Salvation, you must leave your sins to enter into Heaven. Sins are chains that bind you to Satan. Each sin that is repeated and not repented for keeps you in bondage. Sins must be stopped. Look at it as a Band-Aid that must be pulled off. It will hurt for a short period of time, but then you will no longer feel its effects.
I will help you with these changes. Repent, pray often, read my word, be in my presence and know you are loved by me. Together we will change your destiny and destination.
Your Loving Father

Paint it Black- Sins That Plague Your Soul
Sins are a black mark upon the soul. It fills your cavity with darkness and actually takes the life from your soul. Just like a leach, your darkness becomes even darker when left alone. Sin needs to be irradicated and treated with righteousness. It is up to each one of us to purge all evil, sin, unrighteousness, unforgiveness and hate from our housing (soul). Do not assume these things will leave on their own. They don’t. It is up to us to actively knock these pests off, one by one.

It takes tenacity and follow thru to rid yourself of sin.

1. Get on your knees
2. Humble yourself and get rid of all pride
3. Pray for forgiveness of all sins. Past and Present
4. Do NOT go back to these sins
5. Read my Word
6. Pray and repent daily
7. Ask for my help
8. Spend time with me daily, together we can counter the attack the enemy has perpetrated on your soul.

Sin does not enter Heaven, so now is the time to address all sin.

Your Father

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