Holy Spirit Teachings 37 From 06/04/23 to 06/07/23 – LynL

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Holy Spirit Teachings 37
From 06/04/23 to 06/07/23

March 31, 2024 8:21 PM

In the Grand Scheme- I Am Should Be Your Compass
I Am the way, the truth, and the life. Everything flows from me to all things. I Am the source of your power, motion, and breath. I give you direction to find my source, but many children miss their opportunities to see what is right in front of them. They believe that family, work, and “fun” activities is what life is all about.
Life is a race and puzzle to find its meaning. Some stumble upon the answers early in life and then drift away from that truth later in life.
I Am has always been and will always be. As I watch your growth and character, love, humility, and direction in life, I gauge your progress. I look at the heart and know what you truly believe and care about. Your actions are a barometer of who you have become. Each of my children can reset their barometers at any time. Start with repentance of past and present sins. Repentance is a means of cleansing your soul. It acts as a reset button to get you on the road to your salvation. Make sure you reset yourself to loving, kind, humble and a person who will forgive others. I will be there to guide you. Get into a relationship with your creator and access me daily. I wait for your barometer to get close to mine.

Your Lack of Knowledge will Be Your Demise
My children need to wake up to the times we are living in. Without knowledge of the true underlining forces that are perpetuating your doom, you will fail to find a means of escape. Knowledge is one of the most important characteristics (gifts) that one must have to be able to ascertain which direction to move in.
Knowledge is obtained by opening one’s eyes, prayer, and asking the Holy Spirit to reside in you. This knowledge is not book knowledge. It is more of an understanding of good from bad and who can or cannot be trusted. It is the way the soul navigates while on Earth. Let your knowledge become an important directional compass that resides within you.

My Rules, Not Yours
The bible contains the set of rules to live by. Without these rules society breaks down and is no longer orderly. Rules were put into place to guide those who have strayed from my original intent.
When Jesus walked the Earth, he showed humility, humbleness, meekness, love, kindness, fairness, justice, principles that one could count on for a good life. As the centuries went by, there was a major eroding of these traits and principles. Now what we have left is a world based on many of Satan’s decrees. Just remember it is my rules and not Satan’s that will allow entrance into Heaven. My rules and not your rules you have adopted as your guidance while on Earth. Ignorance of my rules will not be a sufficient argument, on judgement day. You will stand before me and have to account for all your actions and words.
Will you be allowed into my Heavenlies, according to my rules? Will you be able to give an account of all you did on Earth and be proud of it?
Your repentance can help to clean your slate, but will you stop the sins after repentance? You have free will to do what is right or what is wrong. What will be your choice?

The Maze- The Puzzle With No End
The maze we call life is a mass of circulus routes. We take one route to find it is blocked, but only when we get to the last stretch of its path.
Each puzzle piece paints a different part of the picture. We continue to add pieces until the picture is seemingly complete, only to find out there are more pieces we never counted on. Life’s puzzle is complicated with many paths and solutions. There is never one puzzle piece that gives us the ultimate answer. Answers are found by examining the heart, the soul, and the mind.
All one can do, on the path of life, is maneuver through the maze while completing the incomplete picture. There is never a perfect maze or puzzle when completed will solve all problems.
Your soul belongs to a higher purpose, a higher understanding than routes and pieces. It is up to each individual to find the maker of the maze and creator of the pieces. By connecting to the maker, you become whole again. You will find that all the pieces that you have put together were only hints to find the source of each breath you take. That source is waiting for your understanding of the maze he has provided.

The Final Chapter
The bible has a start and finish. It is a story of creation and a loving God who watches over his children.
The final chapter, Revelation, is now in progress. As we watch the horses all on their courses, we can see that life will change for all, in a short period of time.
Many who believe they are going to make it in the rapture, will be extremely disappointed. My rules are available for all to read. Did I not have John write to the seven churches? Six of these churches were not up to my standards. I have spoken that sin is not acceptable, but yet most do what they want anyway. Your free will, and love for sin, will be your downfall. You cannot sit on the fence having it both ways. The fence you sit on is Satan’s territory.
You can follow me and righteousness or you can continue on the path to destruction. No choice is a choice for Satan.

Coffee, Tea, and I Am
Am I before your coffee or tea in the morning, or after? Am I your first and last thoughts in the morning and night? Am I scheduled into your day for prayer and alone time? Am I the words you read to get to know me better? Many of my children, even those who profess to love me, do not have much thought given to me during the day. They might make an hour or two, once a week, but this is not enough to carry on a relationship with anyone, let alone me.
How can you get to know someone intimately without spending time with them? You can’t!
As the time on this Earth gets shorter, many will wish they had gotten to know me much better. The veil will be thinning more and more and things that are not understood will start to appear. My children will need spiritual weapons to fight these entities off.
Do not delay in getting to know me, for I can lead you the correct way when in trouble. Let I Am be the first and last thoughts you have during your day.

I Am the Helm of the Ship
I will bring you to glorious destinations if you will let me. I Am your Captain and King and know the course this ship will take. Hold on for a ride of a lifetime. I will keep you secure and safe just reside under my wing.

My Rules, My Commandments Equal Your Salvation
My Holy Bible was put on Earth to help you find Salvation. It was written through men, but I was in control of its content. Every word spoken was carefully laid out to lay out patterns and sequences that could be looked at both forward and backwards. Each word has meaning and lays out both past and future.
Many put me in a box and say that man wrote this bible. Yes, he wrote the words that I dictated to him. It is interesting to me that some of my children believe I created the Universes, but unable to dictate and publish a word in book form, to my liking.
If I can part the Red Sea, feed 5000 men on a few fish and bread, heal the sick, cast out demons, stop the wind and resurrect the dead, why would I not be able to publish a book? Sometimes logic is not my children’s best trait.
Read my book, follow my rules, repent of all sins, spend time with me. All of this will lead to your Salvation. You can get to know me through my word. I Am the WORD.


Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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