Holy Spirit Teachings 36 From 05/29/23 to 06/02/23 – LynL

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Holy Spirit Teachings 36
From 05/29/23 to 06/02/23

March 24, 2024 2:12 PM

Running in Circles- Salvation is the Straight and Narrow Path
It seems that most of us run in circles with no great results to show for it. As we go in circles, the same path is covered, over and over. There is not much deviation to the path, we have forged. Most don’t understand why there is little to no progress, as they continue going round and round. This path is not the straight and narrow path that leads to Salvation. This circular path brings you nowhere, that is beneficial to your soul. You must get off this path and take a leap of faith, that the newer path will get you closer to me.
Salvation is accomplished by repentance, prayer, establishing a relationship with me, and reading my word. I Am an interactive God. I Am not stationary, and I Am not 2D. Everything you do that is righteous, brings you closer to me and your Salvation. Try running a different, more fruitful path. I’ll meet you on your newer course with open arms.

Time Moves Forward- Masses Wake-up to the Lies
The hands of time go round and round. With each passing sweep, of its hands, new paradigms emerge. Soon new truths will emerge, and the masses will wake up to the lies that have been perpetrated in the name of, “It’s for your own good”. Lies that have been told for decades and centuries will emerge to wake up those who believe in these lies.
Lies are put in place for many reasons. Money, control, hiding past lies are always at the top of the list. The narrative will soon change. Those in power will soon be the hunted. The truths that emerge will put them as the responsible parties. Even though for many, it will be too little too late.
Just know that your whole purpose on Earth is to get to know me. My Kingdom is where you belong after your stay on Earth. Repent to cleanse your soul, stay away from sin, and get to know your creator. I Am here with you, no matter what problems you endure.

I Am Waiting Upon You to Stop all Sins
Sin is the cancer that invades your soul. It rapidly consumes you as you continue to partake in it. Sin grows and becomes part of your makeup and personality as you leave it alone to grow. Sin must be cut out to stop its growth. Sin must be extracted by repentance, prayer and follow thru. One must be diligent to not re introduce it into the soul after extraction, for it will take deep root once again, if given the chance.
Sin is not an option when entering into Heaven. Sin is of the devil and when you come into agreement with it, you are taking Satan’s side.
The way Satan gets your soul is when you come into agreement with fleshly desires and breaking of my rules and commandments. It is imperative all sin is stopped and repented of.
There is no more time to put off what you have avoided for a very long time. Come into agreement with me that all sins will stop. I will help you if you ask. You must have the desire to choose righteousness, otherwise you will just go back to the same behavior.
I love all my children and wish they all make it into Heaven. I will be with each of you as you pray and change directions.

Self-Absorbed- I, Myself and Me
We were not put on this planet to take care of only ourselves. Why is it that when I look around, I see many of my children, self-absorbed and believing they are their own kings and should be treated accordingly? They center their lives around themselves, their careers (which must be to their liking), their possessions, their trips and lets us not forget their egos. They have been taught they are the center of the universe, and all will revolve around them.
The schools, the churches and parents have given too much to these individuals without getting anything back. These children are self-centered, self-absorbed, self-gratifying and they are only about themselves.
My Kingdom is about love and concern for your fellow man. It is about helping others, not yourself. It is about what can be done while you reside on planet Earth.
Most of these children are very prideful. It is important to get rid of all pride if you want to check into Heaven, upon your death. This life is NOT about you, but the progress you make while living here.
Repent of all pride, selfishness, and self-idolization. Humble yourself so I will hear you clearly. I wait for your first step towards salvation.

Finding Salvation in a Fallen World
Salvation is available to all of my children. Whether we are in a corrupt world or not, you have the ability to be saved.
Some say that they are employed by dishonest thieves and are forced to follow their lead if they want a job. I say, “There are other jobs out there and following someone who does wrong, does not make it right”.
Start a relationship with me. Ask for favor in finding a new and better job where you can be honest. Repent of the wrongs you have done and start a new lease on life. I Am can help with finding that perfect job for you.
Things cannot get better if you continue on the same road, you have travelled on in the past. Tomorrow can be the start of a new life, a righteous life. You are the only one who can change who you are. Knowing something is wrong, but not doing anything about it makes you complicit of the same wrongs.
My Kingdom needs honest, loving, caring and righteous individuals that carry out their lives humbly. Is that you?

Wickedness abounds, But Not My Children
Many of my churches have been taken over by the enemy. Originally churches were for guidance and spiritual development. Now, my churches are an empty shell. They give very little in the way of guidance and by their lack of teaching certain subjects, they automatically mislead my congregations. Errors of omission are costly. How can one be informed to what my word says when a great portion is avoided and never spoke about?
It is up to my children to find a church that tells my truths or work out your salvation by reading my word daily.
Sin is not an option that can be in one’s life. I expect clean vessels. Vessels that have repented of all sins, past and present. Vessels that won’t go back to these sins. Ask for my help if it is too hard, to do on your own. Ask me to take away the cravings, hurt, or habits that plague you. Help is available, every time you pray to me. Be consistent and watch all sin leave permanently. I just need a willing vessel.

Give Your Heart to Me Today
We are at the end of time. Most know that things are not good in the world. So, what are you waiting for? I have waited for you your whole lifetime. No one knows their last day on Earth.
Your soul, if in harmony with me will make it to Heaven. But if your soul is in disharmony and in need of repair, you will belong to Satan.
Make sure before you finish your life, get rid of all sin. Repent and make me your savior.
Each of you have free will. So, a lack of commitment to me will put you in Satan’s territory. Your soul has always been at stake while on Earth. Heaven was made for my children. Just make sure you have made that commitment to me and my Kingdom before your life is finished.

Nuggets to My Kingdom
I Am the great I Am. I have always been and will always be. My heavenly Kingdom is magical, serene, loving, interesting with endless things one can partake in. It is Heaven. The beauty is unsurpassed with colors never seen before. All is alive and thriving on a perpetual basis. My Kingdom is a Kingdom for those who are pure of heart, loving kind and forgiving. These are the residence of the Kingdom of God.
I do not accept sin to enter. Re-review yourself to see what sins have been left within your soul. Repent of them and lead a life that will allow for entrance into Heaven. It is not to late!

How is Your Blood Pressure?
Worry, sin, doing things that you know are not right tend to raise your blood pressure. All of them are irritations to your soul. Your soul is not meant to be irritated. Not all high blood pressure is related to sin. But it is always good to look at the root causes of your worries. Many root causes become a burden on your nerves and cause irritations with your body.
Have you lied to someone lately? Have you stolen something that wasn’t yours? Have you slept with your co-worker out of wedlock? Do you constantly want what is not yours? Have you not forgiven someone, and this is constantly in the back of your mind?
Each and every one of these things cause worry and concern. They are things that slow down your soul’s progress to a crawl.
It is time to get rid of all this unwanted baggage and start new. Get your blood pressure to lower levels of stress and worry. Repent of all wrongs and become who you were always supposed to be.

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