Holy Spirit Teachings 32 From 05/04/23 to 05/07/23 – LynL

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Holy Spirit Teachings 32
From 05/04/23 to 05/07/23

Febuary 26, 2024 4:15 PM

Their Clandestine Meeting- LynL
The enemy has their clandestine meetings planning the evils that they are to perpetrate on the Earth. But I Am is in charge and have my plans for the future. I Am the victor, in all battles that I wish to win. My traps for the enemy are numerous. I control the narrative. Their meetings will come to naught in the end. They will find the fight they have engaged in is one-sided (God Sided).
Your direction should be pointed to me as I prepare the battle plans. Your choices for good and righteousness are mandatory for entrance into Heaven.
Do not put off what needs to be accomplished in your life before you take your last breath. The Holy Spirit talks to you daily about what should be changed in your life. If you know you are doing wrong, change it. Make sure you are on the right side of the war, the winners side. Change directions if you have been going the wrong way. It is never too late!

Today Might Be Your Last Day
What would happen if you knew you only had one week left of your life? What would you do differently? Would you come to me on your knees and ask forgiveness for all the sins you participated in during your life? If the answer to that last question was yes, then what is stopping you right now from coming to me? No one knows when they will die. That is how many, ends up in Hell. They say to themselves, “I will make it right with God on my deathbed.” What happens if you are in an accident and killed immediately? Your time on Earth is an unsure thing.
A smart person will take care of whatever business needs to be done beforehand. Your soul is your most important commodity. Your soul, if in a good state with me, will make it to Heaven. Those who never repented, never stopped their sins, will wind up in satan’s territory.
There are no “do overs” in life. This is the only life you will live. Make the decisions that will get you to the correct location. Start today, that accident might be around the corner.

Chains that Bind You
The chains that weigh down my children are all based on the sins you have accumulated and not repented of. Sins are like a weight that encompasses the body and keeps that soul from being who they were meant to be, in my Kingdom. This weight holds the person and steers them toward the sins that they have chosen. It is important to get the encumbrances off of you, as soon as possible. Time is running out and your soul is in danger of going to a wrong destination.
Each of my children can choose a sinful or a righteous life. These choices are available to them daily. Just like a chain can be cut, you can escape from what is weighing you down.
Repentance of these sins, stopping these sins and getting close to your creator is the answer of how to get free. These encumbrances are major, but I Am mightier than any force and I will help you, if you ask. Your soul will be lifted so much higher, and you will feel free for the first time in your life. Sin will not and cannot enter Heaven, so it is imperative to start today. Time is running out.

Phone Call to God -I Am Your Guidance in this Troubled World
You can count on me to be with you no matter what you are going thru. I Am available night or day, rain or shine. I Am as easy as a phone call. To connect to me, get on your knees, repent of all sins and speak to me like you would a friend. I Am the best friend you will ever have. Together, we can make anything happen in your life. Some of my children have never utilized that phone call, I have been waiting for. There are no connect charges and I will never lose connection or hang-up on you. I give you a sounding board for your problems, concerns and hopes in life. Call me as soon as you can, for time is running out. The tribulation is nearing and after it starts you will have to die for my “names sake.” If you have not known me intimately before (following my rules and have stayed away from sin), don’t waste another second because the time you spend now, will become an eternity in Heaven, for you.

In the Warm of the Night
Each day brings new and different things that concern us. Some are bad and others are good.
Soon there will be much heat that will pelt the Earth. It will envelope many areas that have never had these temperatures, that now, will start to occur. Changes will take place in many areas, and one will have to adjust to these anomalies.
Pray for shelter and coolness if you have no place to go. I can change what you feel and experience. Know I Am there to help when you think there is no answer. Like I grew the bush for Jonah, to get shade, I can do whatever your needs are. I Am a God of miracles. Your miracle is just a prayer away.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Life is fraught with problems and seemingly no solutions. I Am has a solution to all problems. I need to be utilized if you wish to get solutions to the problems that plague you.
I Am there for all who wish help in troubled times. You do not need to be alone; I can be with you when you pray and include me.
Times are changing rapidly, now. One of your weapons against the darkness is my light. I shed light upon problems and cut that darkness. I Am your answer when you feel you have nowhere to turn, nowhere to go. I Am your answer in the storm. I can lighten your load and make sense of where your confusion lies. Get on your knees, humble yourselves and know that no problem is a difficult problem for me. I wait to hear from you.

My Plan- Many Souls Will Be Saved
My plan for humanity is to get the optimum number of my children into Heaven. I wait for the harvest and know that many will follow me in the coming months. I do not want to lose even one.
Some of my children still do not understand the times we are living in. They believe that food and water are plentiful and there will be gas for their cars.
As things get worse, many will realize that times are getting closer to the end. Many will wake-up and find that many truths they held as fact, are not true. They will find the politicians have been lining their pockets and taking care of themselves rather than the public.
There is only one truth. Finding out that truth is imperative if you are to get on the right road. The wide road leads to destruction and the narrow road leads to Heaven. I wait for you on the narrow road.

Generalities are Too General
I Am a God of order. I expect my children to follow my rules if they want to enter Heaven. Many of my children think the rules do not apply to them. They feel that the minor sins they partake in are not hurting anyone. But here is where they are wrong. They are hurting themselves and their chances in enter into Heaven. Rules are made to be followed. They represent order rather than chaos. Each person is responsible for what they do while on Earth. It is also their responsibility to change their actions, if they do not conform to the rules that have been set in place.
Those who do not change will be left behind for the Tribulation. At that point they still must stop the sins and then die as a “Tribulation Saint” to make it to Heaven. A “Tribulation Saint” cannot deny me and my existence, cannot take the mark of the beast (mark that goes in the right hand or forehead, that lets you buy and sell) or worship its image. If their sins continue, the enemy (satan) will be their master. Each person chooses their destiny. The choice has always been yours to make.

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