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Holy Spirit Teachings 31 From 04/29/23 to 05/03/23 – LynL

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Holy Spirit Teachings 31
From 04/29/23 to 05/03/23

Febuary 18, 2024 10:03 AM

Patterns of Our Life
There are patterns we follow each day. They are similar day in, day out. We try to vary the patterns with vacations, concerts and sometimes sinful practices.
As we vary, these patterns, we emerge as different people especially when we do what is wrong. Sin has a comfortable niche, that we fall into if we are not careful.
satan makes sure that our sins are slowly and carefully introduced into our souls. As they become part of the person, demonic entities establish residency within that person. They utilize their soul for what was never meant, to be part of them. Be careful with what you introduce into your character, soul, and consciousness. These are critical anomalies that must be dealt with now.
Sin is not invited into Heaven and must be taken care of before moving into the spirit fully. Repent of all sins and do not revisit them. I can help if the task is seemingly impossible. Talk with me and get to know my word. We CAN move you from flesh to spirit. All I need is your willingness.

Gears, Mechanisms and Thoughts
Our thoughts, to a great degree, are who we have become. These thoughts keep us going in certain directions in life. These thoughts propel our bodies and catapult us one way or another.
Sometimes our thoughts are not ours alone. If we partake in sins, demonic entities attach themselves to us and reside within us. They become part of our thought processes. They feed on the sins that are part of our life and help to keep them alive and sustained. It is up to us to irradicate these sins, so to stop the forward movement of these thoughts or entities. Repentance is how this is done. Humble yourself and repent that you will no longer continue these deeds or thoughts any longer. Ask for my help and together we can accomplish anything.
My Heavens cannot accommodate sin. Only you can choose between my Kingdom or satan’s Kingdom. Only you can make that commitment to one or the other. There is no time to put this off any longer.

Unfathomable Sin
Sin has permeated the Earth since Adam and Eve. Today we are at the crossroads of decisions to be made. Those who still have sin in their lives will have to decide to clean their souls or leave them in the state they are currently in. Sin was never made for Heaven so those who refuse to give it up, will reside an eternity in Hell. They might think that a “Good God” would never put them in Hell. They are right. I do not put them there; their free will does. Free will was made so each individual could choose the direction they wanted in life. Some choose sensibly and others are clueless to the consequences that are going to befall their souls.
Warning after warning after warning is given with no changes in a great deal of my children.
Provisions will be given to those who are mine in spirit and soul. But the others must make the changes necessary if they wish to enter Heaven.
I Am a “Good God” but are you an obedient child or one who thinks they can do anything they want without consequences?

Home Coming- Free Will
You are at a time in history that will bring many of you back home with me. The home coming will be extraordinary. There will be your new homes that have been built for my obedient children. You will see, touch, and feel wonders that don’t exist on Earth. You will see those who you know from long ago as well as your relatives. You will reunite with those who have pasted on from the Earthly realm. I Am excited that my children will be back with me.
Unfortunately, there will be many who do not make it to Heaven. This will be of their own doing. Many warnings have been given, asking my children to turn from their sins. The disobedient have not done so, as of yet.
Unless they repent and change directions, their souls will stay in a fleshly state. Flesh does not enter Heaven. This is a choice only you can make. I can certainly help you, if you ask, but that decision has always been yours.
satan makes sin easy. Nothing really needs to be done if you wish sin to stay in your life
Each of my children is the master of their own destiny. That is why we have choices. That’s what free will is all about. I hope you make the decision to join me in Heaven. I guarantee you; it will be the best choice you have ever made.

God is All Powerful
God created the Earth, the Universes, the people, animals, night and day. He is responsible for the very breath in your body.
God cannot lie. He tells the truth to his creation, so that they have a basis of understanding of what is happening and what will happen. He speaks through his prophets, dreamers, visionaries and those who follow him closely.
God created man so that he had free will. If the Lord chose to have someone who complied to everything, he could have just bypassed man and gone straight to Artificial Intelligence. Man is complex in many ways. Many factors influence one’s actions and choices in this life.
God wishes to wake you up to the conditions that are now upon the Earth. The end-times have begun and as things continue to get worse, you must get closer to him is you are to survive what is around the corner. That corner that has never been approached before, will become the “new norm.” Life, now, will continue in a new direction and man needs to keep up with these changes. God wishes all to get close to him. Start with humbling yourself and get rid of all the pride you have accumulated in this life. This life is not about you. It is about finding your creator and getting close to that source of life and light. Repent of all sins (past and present) and then do not go back to those sins. Love your neighbor, like yourself, and love me with all your heart, soul and mind. I have always been here, waiting for you to realize …I Am here! I love you

The Prideful and Arrogant Will Not Enter the Kingdom of God
The prideful and arrogant believe mainly in themselves. They are first to take credit for what they have done or accomplished. The arrogant walk around like a rooster who is king of the hill. They strut their wares for all to see, so they can be given accolades.
These children of mine have crowned themselves their own King and have no need for anyone but themselves. As things change, the prideful, arrogant and boastful will have less of an audience to perform for. Everyone will be on hard times. It is time for this group of children to understand it is not about them. They need to understand it is time to humble themselves and repent of all sins and their behavior to others. It is time for their kingdom to be dissolved and mine put in its place. Their love for themselves outshines any love they can have for others. It’s time to change your attitude, for I see into your heart, and it is not up to my standards.
Humble yourself, give of yourself, love others. Make it about the other person and not yourselves. I want for you to change your direction.

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