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Holy Spirit Teachings 30
From 04/23/23 to 04/28/23

February 12, 2024 10:45 AM

Much to Say About Nothing

Much of our lives are spent gossiping, doing fruitless endeavors and completing tasks that amount to nothing. We wake up, spend our day going to work, watching the little or larger box that sits in front of our faces, eat, hang-out and continue this pattern day after day.
How many fruitless tasks are you responsible for daily? What have you done to further my Kingdom? If I asked you, on judgement day, “What have you done that has advanced my Kingdom”, what would you say? Would you be able to tell me about the homeless you volunteered to feed? Would you tell me about the money you give to those who are down and out? Would you be able to mention that older person you spoke to, when no one else would? Could you tell me about your volunteering of time to build or fix something that a person could not afford but needed?
These are the things I will want to hear when your life is reviewed. I will not care about how much education you obtained, how much money you made, or how well known you are.
It is not too late to start doing what matters. It is not too late to change directions.
Being a “Good Person” entails more than NOT lying, stealing, killing, lusting and coveting. A “Good Person” cares about others. Get close to me as things become more difficult. You will need me more than ever.

The Change (From Sin to Righteousness)

To change takes a lot. It takes commitment to a new direction, a new way of life and is a bit scary for most since it is the unknown. Change is something one does when they find out the path, they have been on, is no longer working for them. Sometimes they find out new information that predicates this change. Other times they know, deep down, that what they have been doing is not the right way to live. No matter what causes this change, one needs to follow thru when they take this new course in life.
Follow thru is not giving up, not shirking back into old habits. Change for the better does take effort but change for the worse takes very little effort on one’s part.
Change can be accomplished by repentance, prayer and asking for my help, and then following thru. Repeat, repeat again, repeat once more, until the change becomes the new you.
I will be with you, in your prayers. I listen to all, and I can help. Count on me to be there as you change into that new person, who will make it into Heaven.
Your Father

Reading Your Heart

I read your heart and see what is inside each one of you. Nothing is a secret, nothing is hidden, all is in plain sight. Your heart shows who you are, what you truly care about, who you put in front of yourselves and what you will do to advance my Kingdom. Your heart shows me how kind you are, how loving you become, when faced with difficult decisions. Your heart is a barometer of your love. It is a gauge that shows what type of person you are. A cold heart, a calculating heart, is not tolerated in my Kingdom. Love for others is necessary.
Many have been damaged via their hearts while growing up. They have encountered much trauma. Come to me to heal what has been damaged and ask for a healing. Ask for me to repair what was broken long ago. Nothing is impossible with me. Repent of all sins and watch all hurt disappear. I can mend a shattered, broken, or damaged heart. All you need is ask.

Champion of Champions

Who is a champion? Is it someone who has run a race, played incredible football all season, or someone who can throw a precision shot into a basketball hoop? Is it that person who is humble and helps a little old lady across the street? Is it your pastor that has told you all about sin and repentance?
Who truly is a champion or a winner? You know, someone you look up to. Most will automatically choose a team that has done well for the season, but is that truly anything but a job or profession, someone has chosen due to being talented in that area? You may be a computer programmer and are incredible in what you do, but are you called a champion? I doubt it.
Champions, in the Kingdom of God, are people who make a difference while helping and interacting with people. They give of their time and resources to help those who have much less than themselves. They are not selfish and always tries to help others. They do not boast of their accomplishments and have a humble nature. Those are God’s Champions!

My Heart Beats with Yours

My heart beats with yours. We are in synchronicity, we are one. I hear your heart and watch what you will do with the love it contains. I wait for you to use your heart for what it was made for. Your love for others is reflected by your heart and if it is being used properly. That muscle that beats day and night, is a reflection of who you are, and to some, who you will become. I Am watching how you treat others. I Am waiting for change in many.
As each beat pumps your blood and circulates your body, giving nourishment, I hear the condition of your heart. Is it kind, is it giving, is it loving? What would your heart do for your fellow man?
Your heart was put inside you for a purpose, it is up to you, to use it properly. Do not make the mistake of centering your heart only on yourself. That is NOT it’s function.

I Am Only Who I Say (You Have Been notified)

I Am, who I Am. I Am the only living God and control all that makes up your World. I

watch all my creation, some doing good and some sinning with no remorse. Those who do not know me, those who have adopted sin as a daily practice, you are notified that time is at the end. You are notified that sin is NOT accepted into Heaven. It is imperative things change if you wish to reside in Heaven.
Many of you are so prideful that you believe you are the only one in control of your future. You are so wrong. Your pride and lack of humbleness will get you to the enemy’s territory with no way out. Pride, arrogance and stubbornness has been the downfall of many. Whereas all they needed to do, was repent and get to know me. They chose their own way. The way that made them their own King. Well, Kings have come and gone, but I Am forever. Your choice if you wish to be King, will be an eternity of sadness, loneliness and regret. This simple choice, but seemingly difficult to the prideful, will be their downfall.
I forgive all sins for those who repent and stay away from those sins. Swallow that pride and give me a chance to bring you to Salvation.
Your King

A Penny for Your Thoughts
I know the thoughts of all my children. I know how they think, what their motives are in every situation. There is no hiding who you are in my Kingdom.
Those who follow my rules and get to know me are my obedient children. They will have many rewards in Heaven. Those who do not follow my rules are destined for much heartache. Time has run out and when all begins, they will be left behind. They will find out that it was as simple as repenting of sins, stopping those sins and getting closer to me. They will now be faced with demonic forces they may not be able to fight off due to their lack of knowing my Kingdom. They will be hurting for food and water. Destruction will be everywhere. There will be no place to hide and regroup without constant fear.
At any point, will these individuals change their direction towards me? I hope so. If so, they can become a tribulation saints. Those who come to me after the tribulation starts, will still be able to repent and get close. Though, they will have to die for my name’s sake. They can never deny me or cannot take the mark which gives one the ability to buy and sell. This mark will go in either the hand or the forehead.
I love all my children. Your choices all have, either good or bad consequences. Choose wisely.

Gates of Hell

There are gates into the Kingdom of Heaven, but Hell is entered thru by a falling action. As you enter Hell you will find the stench unbearable as is the heat. Caverns of people line every corridor, cage and lake. Screams permeate the smallest to largest cavities. A thick darkness, that can be felt, is alive with sadness, terror and fear. There is no way out after you enter Hell’s caverns. There is no management that will hear your pleas. There is no escape or anyone to talk with for you will be alone with those demons who will torture you for the rest of eternity. There is no sleep, the heat is unbearable with nothing to drink. Your thirst will gnaw away any sanity that may be left. There is no time, so this goes on ad infinitum and there is no way out.
Or your other option is repentance, leading a sin free life (working on it) and getting to know your creator. To some this is a difficult decision. This is because their pride gets in the way. Don’t let your pride get in the way!

Time is Out, Now What?

We have come to the end of all things. Just like a beginning there is always an end. This end can be a wonderful ending if you are in Christ Jesus, but a terrible ending if you have not found me, as of yet.
Our lives must lead to Salvation, otherwise our souls do not go back to the creator as it was purposed.
Salvation is obtained by getting close to your creator and repenting with stopping all sins. Your end, if not found in Christ, will be a life that is lost. A lost soul cannot be redeemed after one’s death. There is much sadness in Heaven for each lost soul.
If your pride is keeping you from repentance, it is time to humble yourself and ask for forgiveness of all sins and ask me to help change you. I will help you, if it becomes unattainable on your own. Pride and lack of humbleness has brought many souls to Hell in the past. Don’t let that be you. I Am there to help.

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