Holy Spirit Teachings 29 from 04/17/23 to 04/22/23 – LynL

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Holy Spirit Teachings 29
from 04/17/23 to 04/22/23

February 4, 2024 8:58 PM

Great Awakening
As we go thru our days we are confronted with many choices. Soon we will be awakened to truths that were never put in front of us. We will see avenues that we never imagined would be an option. We will wake from our slumber into a new reality, a new paradigm shift. The old will become a distant memory and will shift to the new, whether we want to or not.
Our planet will soon not be recognizable, as it is now. Things will change on many fronts. Geography and topography of the lands will shift causing displacement of many people across the globe. Oceans will get hotter, killing marine life. Volcanoes will go off causing problems on land, in the air that we breath, and air travel. Earthquakes will devastate many areas and cause roads and freeways to close causing it next to impossible to go out of these areas. Heat will pelter the land causing crops to die and some of the elderly, as well. Plagues will come, one upon another and kill many individuals. The Tribulation will start its course and barrel through till it is completed.
It will awaken the masses. Revivals will start everywhere, and many souls will be saved. I Am will lead and guide you, if this is your wish.

Nighttime Comes Early
Darkness will come at its prescribed time. Everything is lining up to the events that will come in the near future. Darkness will come early, and much devastation will come to the Earth when darkness falls.
It is important to stay inside, for those who are caught outside, will perish. My light will be in those chosen, who follow me closely. They will be ready for what is coming upon the Earth. As they themselves turn to light, they will cut the darkness, that will be everywhere. They will represent me, from this point forward, in the ways that I walked the Earth in my time. Each will be given duties to further my Kingdom and help those who do not know me or have fallen into sin. Many will be given chances to repent and change their ways. Revivals will spring up everywhere. I Am will be inside each of these vessels, with those who are the chosen. Be ready for things to change.

Race to the Finish Line
As all the horses line up, Red, Black, White and Pale, and are galloping full force we will see many things hitting the Earth all at once.
These horses are steadfast, determined, strong and full of vigor. They will accomplish what they have set out to do. They will accomplish what they need to accomplish, and my word will be fulfilled. As the horses fulfill their missions, many deaths will occur. Some will make it to heaven and others may not.
Are you in a state of sin at the time of your death? Have you known your creator or just of him? Each person has choices they make during their lifetime. These choices either lead to salvation or away from it. My Kingdom is available to you, as long as you are alive (Exception-Mark of the Beast Rev 13:16-18, 14:9-11). Know my word, know my rules and commandments. Be without sin and forgive all persons who ever did you wrong. These are all important if you want to join me in Heaven.
Your Father

How to Get Into Heaven
Many have asked this question over the years. There have been differing opinions of what are the requirements for entrance into my Heavenly Kingdom. My children have tried to make very simple requirements, into every convoluted doctrine. Here are my parameters

1. Love me with all your heart, soul and mind
2. Love your neighbor, like yourself
3. Forgive anyone who you have had hard feeling for, over the years
4. Stop sinning because, sin does not make it into Heaven
5. Follow my rules and commandments that are clearly in the Bible.
6. Repent of previous and current sins and then do not return to them. Saying you follow me, but still continue to sin, shows you do not love me enough.
7. Never take the Mark of the Beast (Rev 13:16-18, 14:9-11) for this will bring you to an eternity in Hell. There is no way out.
8. Never deny my name
This is an outline you want to follow to get to Heaven. It’s not hard, it does take effort and follow thru. It’s your choice, what will you do?

The Sandman
Day in and day out, I see the sleeping masses of people who do not have a clue where this world is headed.
The scholars of your time are no different than when I walked the Earth. Pompous, self-righteous, all knowing and hypocritical. The only measure of humility the Pharisee’s and Sagucees had was when they dealt with those like themselves.
Century after century the educational elite turn up to make sure they are heard. These learned men will learn that this is not what makes a bit of difference, while you are on Earth. They will find all their endeavors were fruitless and had no positive bearing in the heavenly realms. For their rewards, they have already received on Earth.
Many of the people who will actually excel in the Kingdom are people who are considered nobody’s on Earth. Most blend in with the background of life and never emerge as someone you would pay much attention to. It is what’s in your heart that is measured, not what is in your pockets, who you can impress, how much knowledge you have accumulated or what educational degrees you hold.
My Kingdom works on who you are inside and how you make other people feel. These are the chosen. These are my children that will help with the soon coming Harvest.

Coin That Had No Value
We are going into times where what we have saved up and squirrelled away will no longer have value. The times we are living in are precarious to say the least. The governments that we thought would take care of us, till our deaths, are unable to run efficiently, and will also have no funds to bail out the systems they have created.
When all fails, who will you turn to? Who will you count on to get a meal or water?
I Am your creator and can help you when there is no food. I served over 5000 with food with only a handful of fish and bread. I Am the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. I will make it happen. Those of you who follow me will have no problems, all you need is your faith in me!
I have always been your provider. You are my children, and I will take care of you when things get bad.

Something is About to Give
Much of this world is going in a downward spiral. What we counted on yesterday is no longer here and available today. Each day brings new worries and problems that did not occur previously. As things continue to spiral downwards, know that I Am is available to anyone who calls on me. I Am your fortress and protector in any storm. I will make the crooked straight. I will move the thunder and hail and winds away from your direction if you have enough faith to ask. I control the storms, the narrative and the complete picture. Just as I create, I can also halt its further progress.
Learn of who I Am and what I can do. These are the things you will need to count on in the future. I will protect my own. I will be there for you. Focus on me and watch how I change the impossible.

Tomorrow Won’t Be Like Today
The future is an incremental step forward. It is as small as a nanosecond forward or can be hundreds of years forward, both are futuristic.
The Bible tells of the future and what to expect. It lays out the future which is almost now. We are moving into this future each and every day. Much of Earth will change and morph into what is not recognizable. The skies will not resemble what the past brought. Many new bodies will appear in my Heavenlies. Many which will cause disruptions upon the planet Earth. Temperatures will vary wildly, as the surface gets pelted with debris, some poisonous and others that are in flames. Volcanos will go off, much more readily, and cause the air one breaths to be labored. Shifts of Earth’s crust will cause much devastation. Planting cycles will be disrupted. Food will be scarce.
The future is almost here. I Am can provide, during these coming times. Get close to me while you can. Leave all sin in the past as you repent of it. I will be there with you. I Am the direction you need to go in for Salvation.

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