Holy Spirit Teachings 28 From 04/12/23 to 04/17/23 – LynL

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Holy Spirit Teachings 28
From 04/12/23 to 04/17/23

January 28, 2024 2:35 PM

I Am the God of the Universe
I am the God of the Universe, there is no other. I control the elements; the rain, the oceans, the volcanoes, the wind and everything else you can imagine. I Am has always been and will continue to be. No matter where you are or what you do, I Am there watching your progress upon this Earth. When you make advancements, I Am pleased and even relieved, that you are moving in a forward movement.
I give you instructions now for your survival in the near future. Stay rooted in me, pray often, read my word and focus only on me. As things get rough to bear, know that I will be with those who follow me closely. Many problems will occur and as they do, try your best not to focus on them, only on me.
Earth will go thru many changes now, what was, will be no more. My word will be playing out, as it has throughout history. My word must be fulfilled. Do not worry, I have your hand.

The Depth of My Love
No one can measure the depth of my love for each child that I Am created. Each was fashioned and formed with love and characteristics that would give my children the ability to live a life that was fruitful and meaningful
Some veered off the course that they were intended to follow and then there were some that exceeded any expectations. Each person can change the course of their lives. They are able to go in any direction they wish to.
When I gave free will to man, I knew many would go the wrong way. I also knew that thru Salvation and my death on the cross they would have the ability to repent and be given additional opportunities to get their soul to a place where they could join me in Heaven. Many of my children have not taken me up on that opportunity, as of yet. I love you, and do not want to lose you. We were made to be together. It is never too late to come to me in repentance. (Note exception: Taking the Mark of the Beast, Revelation 13:16-18, Revelation 14:9-11)

Babylon Oh Babylon
It took many years for Babylon to become the Babylon, that is spoken of in my book. Generation upon generations have walked this Earth slowly getting to the point of no return. What is currently Babylon, can no longer be. It’s filth, corruption, degradation, slime, unjust, unholy has hit new and improved heights of lows. Sodom and Gomorrah could take lessons from what you have become.
Babylon will become a ruin in one hour. But much will precede that one day. Expect volcanoes, huge earthquakes, war, civil unrest, huge hail, torrential rain, incredible cold and snow, meteorites and more. The weather will not be the same and many will find themselves in Summer weather in Winter and Winter weather in Summer. Hot will get hotter and cold, colder.
I do not want my children who follow me closely to worry. I Am will protect you. For my children who know me not or know me little, it would behoove you to get acquainted with me once again or for the first time.
It is not difficult; it takes some of your time. Pray to me, repent of sins, read my word (which is me) and stop all sins. I can help thru prayer. It is important to get close to me for we are in End-Times and as things progress you will need my guidance to get you through the rough times ahead. Without my help it will be very hard to navigate life from this point on.
Remember that fear is not of me. Fear is a component of the enemy and fear brings you closer to the diametric opposite of me (satan- who can hold no candle to God). Focus on me and have faith. I will get you through all that is coming upon the Earth. I Am you Father and want to protect you.

Life’s Challenges (Faith)
Life is fraught with challenges, problems, and misunderstandings. My children are here to figure out how to tackle these problems and stop there forward movement. Some have easy answers and others take a lifetime to conquer and figure out.
Some of the biggest challenges are Faith. Faith is something that can’t be seen. It is something that must start in your heart and expand throughout your body. Because it can’t be seen, many of my children ignore Faith. Believing in an invisible God takes a person into a realm they have possibly not encounter before. It takes them into a new belief system which interconnects with my Kingdom. As things become apparent, and the invisible becomes visible, many will understand their faith in the past was flawed. They will find out that just because something is not apparent doesn’t mean it’s not there.
Push your faith to the only true and living God and know I want you to become part of my Kingdom. Your prayers and time spent with me, will be well spent. I Am a God that gives you access to become close to me. It is up to you to do just that.

Fun and Freedom
We spend our lives on Earth trying to have as much fun and freedom to do the things we enjoy. As the years go by, we grow into adults and try our best to be responsible while we still are having fun doing the activities we enjoy. We build a family, career, friends while experiencing life.
Our lives are at a crossroads now. The Earth is changing, wars are brewing across the globe, weather patterns are unlike anything we have seen in the past. Each of us must acclimate to the changes that are currently occurring.
Many, who have not been paying attention, have not even noticed these changes. So, their reality is much different from my children who were told to watch for my coming.
As things continue to go from bad to worse, many will wake up to these changes and find they will have to prepare mentally, physically and spiritually. What was fun in the past will only be a memory.
Each person has a soul that either goes to Heaven or Hell at the end of their life. It is important that each person know their creator and follow the rules that God expects us to adhere to. The bible has always given these rules for man to read and follow. It is so important to stop all sins and repent because sin cannot enter into Heaven. It is time to take responsibility for all that man has done, that is not of God. Anything that comes from the flesh should be dealt with before it is too late.

Anatomy of Faith
Faith is invisible, it is a component of belief, and it is something that can’t be touched. It is a direction one goes in, when they know, what they know. There is no proof of faith and no one can break it down into parts, that after assembled, becomes faith.
We all believe, what we believe, until something happens that changes our perspective. Something becomes different and alive in a sense that shifts this perspective.
Faith can’t be bought, sold or traded. It is a commodity that only an individual can create on their own.
Faith in a living God is how one finds their soul. It is the direction one must travel in to become one with the Father. It is a narrow path, the path that is less used.
It is important to use your faith while on you long journey on Earth. It ultimately leads to your residence in Heaven. With your faith in me, we become one. Travel along that less travelled road and you will find me.

Just Like a Sandwich
As we go thru life, we are surrounded with things we have grown fond of places we like to go to, people who we find that are interesting, and places we wish to vacation at. These are things we gravitate to.
The meat in a sandwich is closely held by the bread. The bread encompasses that meat and when put together is a delicious conglomeration of tastes. By the same token we are surrounded by many things that we come in close contact with. We are close to family, friends and things that make us happy and content. Unfortunately, not all the things that make us happy are good for us. Even though these things can make us feel complete, some are very dangerous to our souls.
Smoking, drinking, lust of the flesh, drugs and many other things, though they might feel good, will bring us to a place that will be eternally uncomfortable and painful to experience.
That sandwich that tasted so good will not be worth the agony that will develop, down the road, when one passes on.
We have choices in life. It is imperative you know the consequences to these choices, that we are faced with daily.
Your soul is fined tuned machine that when it is doing things, that it was made to do, will run properly. When choosing things that are sinful and of the flesh one will eventually pay the price. Think carefully before making choices.

God Is…
God is my Father, King, and Ruler that overcomes it all. He is my counselor, Savior and guide, as he shepherds me away from danger and protects me. He is the greatest Healer of all time. He is perfect and giving and compassionate and fair with everything he does. He lights the path, the way and the life. Mighty is his fairness, understanding and truth. Giving of himself, shows his love and kindness while being patient. He is the first and the last, the beginning and the end, the creator of it all. God is the victor in all he does while being my foundation and cornerstone. But most of all, God is my friend!

The Battery (God)
God provides my inner source of fuel and energy. His light provides me with a path to follow. He is my battery, my source. He renews my energy and keeps me full of life. He charges me up when I have done too much, and I need renewing. He is the source of all I do, while I go thru my day. He is the spark of life. My battery needs recharging, but his does not. He is “ever-ready” for whatever I need. He is God

Wayward Son
I wait for my children to come to me on bended knees and repent of all their sins. I wait for them to realize that I Am real and their King and Savior. I wait for them all to wake up and know they just found the most important part of their life—Me!
I wait, I ponder, I think that it will be soon, and I can bring them to Salvation. My children who have been asleep need to wake up.
The destruction, turmoil, wars and plagues will do just that. It has been designed for them to realize they cannot make it on their own. They will know that I Am, will help them if they allow me to. I have always been there; I have always wanted to help.
Many do not know the hour we reside in. As the weeks go by, many will know the changes that are happening are far above the norm. When they notice the difference from my children and themselves, they will long to have the calm, my presence offers.
Many will wake up knowing I do exist and have always been around. If you are a child that does not know me, I welcome you to be part of my Kingdom. Start to read my word and find out who I Am and what I can do for you. No matter what you have done, I can forgive you through true repentance and following thru with no more sin. I Am glad you are waking up!
(note: Rev 13:16-18 taking the Mark of the Beast is not forgivable and will bring you to an undesired place).

Hell is Real
Hell is real. Many will become permanent residence of the enemy’s final destination. Most say they don’t believe in a Hell or that a loving God would ever send anyone to Hell.
Each person has been given many chances to clean up their souls. Each person has been given the ability to choose right from wrong. All know when they have chosen the wrong path.
So, in essence, I do not send anyone to Hell. Every individual sends themselves to Hell by their actions. They are responsible for their destination.
All have the ability to change and repent from sin, but do they? All are able to change directions at any time, but have they? Hell was originally made for the fallen angels but is utilized for all who refuse to give up sin. Everyone is a sinner. Have you ever stolen, lied, lusted, slept with someone out of wedlock? These are all things that one must repent for to clean their soul. Heaven does not accept sin and the only other destination is Hell. Be advised it is time to repent and get close to your creator.


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