Holy Spirit Teachings 26 From 04/07/23 to 04/09/23 – LynL

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Holy Spirit Teachings 26
From 04/07/23 to 04/09/23

January 14, 2024 10:21 PM

Death and Destruction
The USA (Babylon) has been the most protected country in the world. It was based off of God. As centuries have past, there is only a remanent of what it used to be.
People are for themselves selfishness abounds, lies and deceit are commonplace, love for others is almost non-existent, and people have waxed cold. What will it take to wake the masses? What will be the trigger that awakens you?
I Am has always been there for you, but how many have really utilized me, unless they have a fleeting moment of desperation? I have always been your Father since I formed you. Your purpose has always been to make it back to your Heavenly home. What you consider important like home, work, entertainment, trips are generally not important in my Kingdom. What many have ignored like loving your neighbor, helping others working for the less fortunate, feeding someone who is hungry or just talking to a person who is lonely are what matters in my Kingdom. It is putting yourself in someone else’s position and then acting upon it.
As things get closer to death and destruction you will have these opportunities to change and get yourself on the right track to make it into my Kingdom. Repent, of all bad you have done. Repentance means “changing your ways”. It means turning from what you are repenting of and changing your course. Do not go back to these ways for they are sin and sin does not enter into my Heavenlies. Speak and pray with me often, I can guide you. Be patient, your sins took a lifetime to acquire so it may not be instantaneous. I expect you to put effort into your change. You are my child and no matter how old you are, it is never too late to do what is right and righteous, so we can be together for eternity. I’m waiting for you to get on your knees and humble yourself. I will be there with you.
Your Father in Heaven

It’s Toast
What will be, will be. What has been, has been. Each of us lives on a planet that has been here for longer than us. Many civilizations have come and gone. They are toast, no longer in the grand scheme of things.
We are now experiencing the start of the end. It too, will have a finale. One can read the end of the Bible to find out “the end”.
I have given you the instruction manual on how to perform your life so that in the end, you will make it to heaven. Most do not want to read this instruction book, but yet expect to have full knowledge on all the rules of the game.
You were placed here on Earth to experience life and decisions with hopefully staying within the confines of the rule book, which most have not read.
How do you expect to get to Heaven thru Salvation without peeking at the rules and hints my book contains? I Am the written word. I Am contained within the pages you read. Open up this book to know what words I have spoken. Each of my children need instruction, no matter what we do in life. I Am that instruction book. Please utilize me.

Field of Mice and Men
The fields are ready now to Harvest. Each grain that is ready can be likened to a man who has readied himself to be plucked up to Heaven. He has done what is necessary to be with his Father.
He is loving, kind, prays to the one and only God (Father, Son, Holy Spirit), he reads my word and tries to emulate Jesus, and his walk on the Earth. He is not fearful because his faith in me is grand. He does not faulter at adversity because he knows that I will take care of him, and he counts on it! He loves his neighbor, like himself and spends his time doing for others. He knows his prayers for others make a difference. In the scheme of things, it changes (prayers) the course of what could have happened, to a more positive outcome for that person. He knows that his faith is one of the most important things to me. He is thankful for what I do for him and tells me so. No matter where he is, I go with him with all he does. He knows that I love him, and I know he loves me by all his actions. He follows my rules and commandments, and he becomes more like me each day. He has become a reflection of me.

Chicken Didn’t Come First
What came first God or the earth? Did God make the Earth or did the Earth make God? Much of this is not important now. What is important is every person make it to salvation. When we live, we also eventually die. Our soul makes it to one of two places: either Heaven or Hell. There is no in between place that is available for those who don’t believe in Heaven or Hell or God and Satan. The truth is that each person chooses where they will go when on Earth. If they are a good righteous person and believe in Jesus, they will go to Heaven. Those who refuse to believe in Jesus, those who are sinful and those not following God’s rules and commandments, make it to Hell. Those who can’t make up their mind one way or another and do some good and some bad, wind up being on Satan’s side of the fence.
Satan will lie, steal, and destroy to get your soul. If you are without repentance for your sins, Satan has you exactly where he wants you. No repentance means you have already chosen him, and your eternity will be with him. You must be savvy to get around Satan. He knows the rules of the Bible better than most. He also knows that if you are unfamiliar with those rules and commandments, you will have a majorly unfair disadvantage in making it into Heaven. The bible is a rule book of how to play the game of life on Earth. Without the instruction manual it is only a guessing game of how to succeed and make it past “Go” to Heaven. Your inability to read the rules saddens our creator. He wishes you to wake up and see what you have not seen before. As you start to wake up, know that your adversary is cunning, clever and relentless. You need to exponentially “up your game”, before it is too late. I love you and want you in Heaven where you belong.
Your Father

Blood, Death and Sadness
As time marches on we will see many things that we have never encountered in the past. The past is just that, it is a part of our lives that is gone. The now is what we experience as it happens, and the future is anything past the now.
Our futures will be riddled with every sensation and experience that will be new and not necessarily a positive, in our minds.
Much death, destruction and havoc will envelop the Earth as we move into the future. Each of us have a baseline of normalcy; this will exceed any normalcy we have ever known. My children will lose some of those they love and care for. Plagues, fires civil unrest, gangs and natural disasters will eventually decimate your lands. Those who follow me will be fine (in comparison). Everyone else will need to find me to survive. It will be difficult if not impossible to navigate this new terrain without my help. As you realize things are no longer the same, make sure you track me down so I can be part of your life. I am happy to take you in under my wings, no matter if the time is late or not.
Get on your knees and repent and stay away from those sins, you are repenting of. Sin is not allowed in Heaven so know you must stay as far away from those sins if you wish entrance into Heaven. I love all my creation and hope each of my children will wake up to me being their creator. I can help you with anything you pray for. I await you.

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