Holy Spirit Teachings 22 From 03/24/23 to 03/25/23 – LynL

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Holy Spirit Teachings 22 From
03/24/23 to 03/25/23

December 17, 2023 7:06 PM

Great Balls of Fire
Great Balls of Fire will erupt in your sky’s. You will know something is different, and unlike anything you have seen. These phenomena will eventually land upon your lands causing numerous fires and loss of people and buildings. The Heavens will meet the Earth in these fiery displays. Soon you will see other sights in the sky. Planets, comets, suns, moons that are unaccounted for in your scientific journals. Your governments have known about the incoming objects for many years but chose not to inform the masses. The lies have been paramount and continue.
No matter what happens, what you see or hear, make sure you get close to me. I Am your only way to salvation. I Am your only hope. Your repentance is necessary if you wish to enter Heaven because no sin is allowed. You must leave all sin behind and never return to it. My word (included in the bible) needs to be adhered to if you wish to live in eternity with me.
Your decision to put off a decision will bring you to Satan’s territory. I can only try to wake you up, so many ways. It is up to you to choose before it becomes too late.
The Mark of the Beast will bring you to Satan’s dwelling if you allow your right hand or forehead to be marked. They will say it is mandatory, eventually, but getting the mark which allows buying and selling will permanently tag you as Satan’s property. There is no time to waste. Make a decision for salvation.

I Am in All Things
I Am the morning, when you wake up to the dew on your windowsill. I Am the light you see, where my goodness prevails. I Am the senses you experience throughout your day. I Am all things to each and every person. I Am loving, kind, fair, dependable, omnipresent and reliable at all times. I give you life with my breath. I give you peace when you reside in me. I give you the ability to access me thru prayer, reading my word and all the things you do to get close to me.
I have always been and will continue to be. There is no beginning or end to me.
Everything in your life has been based around me. Some have veered off to the right and the left and were not centered on that narrow road.
It is time to find that road you missed along the way. For that road brings you to me and my Kingdom.

The Grand Illusion
We have participated in the grand delusion of all time. Those in power have lied, cheated, misrepresented, fabricated the information that we all hold as truths. The illusion is beyond anything that one can imagine. The untruths permeate the news channels, which are supposed to inform the public, not lie to them. Where have our journalists gone? Have they all been bought out?
History is another fabrication. Those with power write history and tweak it to their advantage. Our science books include lies and half-truths and much of what we believe is also unreliable. Where does one go for truth? How do we find our souls in an environment of deception?
The only truth that should concern you at this time, is where your soul will reside upon death. Some believe in God; some believe in false Gods (idols) and others believe in nothing.
No matter what a person believes in, there is only one truth. It is finding that one truth so you can follow thru with decisions that will affect your final destination.
Satan has tried his best to make many believe he does not exist and that there are no consequences to one’s actions. Lie upon lie upon lie has been manufactured to give one a false sense of security. It is time to wake-up from the grand illusion that has been perpetrated on humanity.
I Am the only true and living God. My son paid for your sins by his death on the cross. Your soul is welcome to Heaven. Unfortunately for many, they have believed sins are acceptable, but they are not.
To enter my Kingdom, you must repent of all sins and do not revisit them. Read my word and spend quality time with me. Pray for my guidance if you are not sure what needs to be done. I love you and want you to be with me for eternity
Your Father in Heaven

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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