Holy Spirit Teachings 20 From 03/19/23 to 03/21/23 – LynL

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Holy Spirit Teachings 20
From 03/19/23 to 03/21/23

December 3, 2023 9:56 PM

Troubled Times

I Am in control of all that you see, feel and experience in this world. I created you and know many will eventually come back to your home with me. As things that you are not familiar with, gets introduced into your reality, I will guide you if you ask.
Many emotions, sights, apparitions and even things you thought were fictitious will now enter your plain of existence. Much will not be understood or comprehended, but non-the-less, will be there. Those who have followed me over the last years already know that we are in for troubled times. They have tried to prepare others but have been shunned in more ways than one. It will be these individuals that will take up their crosses and be my Army. They will make the difference for the salvation of countless souls. Many will flock to these individuals that will now shine bright with my essence. Change will come in many avenues. No matter where my forces go, they will bring my light and essence with them. Many people will change with the encounters they have had with these chosen individuals. Healings of every type will occur to change not only the physical but mental status of people who will go to the light. I Am that light!

Turtle Dove

Whether it is a turtle, a dove, a horse, a cat, I made them all. I Am with all people and watch your progress as you make it thru your sojourn on Earth. Your free will gives you options every day. There are choices that can be changed, modified and even thrown in the wind to find a new direction. Not every choice is considered a good choice. It is so important to think about your decisions before you make them. If you have been on automatic pilot the last few years, now is the time to rethink all your decisions that have been based on lies, deceit, and misinformation. Whatever the input that has come in (if bad), has caused bad input to come out.
The world is changing, and many are finding out that this world is not what they have been told.
I Am the only true and living God. I created you to reflect my image. This is the only truth that makes a difference. I Am love, but also expect a child of mine to follow my rules.
Now is the time for you to recalibrate.

The Anvil

We work together to do the work that is ever so prevalent upon this Earth. Together we will move mountains, forge trails, and give directions to those who are in need.
Together we are the Army that will make a difference, while showing my love thru the workers of the Harvest. We will prevail, we will be victorious, we will make a difference. We are the Army that has been chosen to do the work in the fields. We will take the bundles of wheat and refine them so they can become ready. Many groups will need refining and sifting in the coming Harvest. Our presence will help them find their way.
I Am God and like a conductor, I will lead each soul into a symphony of my presence and will direct them into my heavenlies. Each person will become that symphony of vibrations that become music to my ears. Their purpose will now be known (to many) and ears and eyes will open fully. Hearts will soften and I Am, will be there, to catch them. I will not lose one.

Ladder of Knowledge

We are the children of the most high. We do his will, if we are about him. To be born-again means following him as closely as possible. We are his children whether we do right or wrong. But it is difficult to get close to him, when we are disobedient. God created each of us to be individuals with the ability to make choices and decisions, whether right or wrong.
It is now time to find the correct path to the Father. Many of us have not fine-tuned our walk. There is a need to do what is right if we are to make it to Heaven.
Today is the day you need to streamline all sins to nothingness. Each of us are responsible for our actions. A soul full of sin can’t enter Heaven. It is your job to change what your soul is filled with. I can lead you, but you must do the changes that will initiate yourself into spotlessness. It has always been your choice. What do you choose?

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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