Holy Spirit Teachings 19 03/18/23 to 03/19/23 – LynL

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Holy Spirit Teachings 19
03/18/23 to 03/19/23

November 26, 2023 10:47 AM

Sin is a Choice

Each person is a unique individual, who becomes who he is with the experiences, troubles, happiness that each partakes in during their lives. As they go down one path they may find love, another distrust, another intrigue. Each person is responsible and held accountable for the paths that are taken in life.
Even when you are too far down an incorrect path, there is always the ability to stop and turn back. But do you? Most will take a bad situation and continue on that incorrect path rather than rethinking out their situation and making a more sound decision. Why is it that most will not spend those extra moments to renavigate? Usually, those are the individuals that will say “I had NO choice”. Everyone has a choice(s) in life. These choices are who you are. They comprise the fabric of what makes you who you are. One can always choose right over wrong. There might be consequences for that correct choice, but it is sometimes, that way, that should be chosen, non the less.
Sin is a choice over righteousness. Most will make light of their sin and continue doing what the flesh deems as comfortable. Sin is similar to a cancer that takes over the body. It generally grows over time. It is up to the individual to stop the cancer and initiate the cure. The cure is so simple. Repentance, stopping the sin and not returning to it.
I wish that all my children would realize sin is a choice. Sin does not make it to heaven. Choose correctly.

All Right

My life upon your Earth was not an easy one. Many thought very lowly of me. I was scoffed at and mocked at a good portion of the time. Many could not recognize me, for who I represented, at the time. Even though life was difficult and very lonely at times, I was all right. I had my Father to talk to whenever I needed advice or help with a situation. I spoke to him about my encounters and miracles done in his name. I praised him for his faithfulness to attending to my needs and gave him honor and glory.
Now, the way the Kingdom is set up, you pray to God in my name (Jesus). I Am there with you like he was for me. We are both there for you when you want to talk. Learn to hear my still small voice that can lead and guide you. I want to help as you go thru your trials and tribulations upon Earth. I will lead and guide like it was done for me. If you have not asked and spent time with me, now is a perfect time. I just happen to have time designated just for you!

A Light Bulb Moment

Each of us go thru life thinking we are doing the best we can for the situations we have been put in. Whether it be family, friends, work or retirement we strive to be the best at what we know and have been given, in the past. No matter where you are in life, I Am having a purpose and direction in life that gives you opportunities to grow and change. With these opportunities you are given a scenario that might put you in a new direction that may have never occurred to you in the past. It is important to pay attention to these opportunities, even when they seem petty and insignificant. One never knows if this opportunity will bring you closer to me and the Kingdom. Choices are made thru these enactments, and they show who you truly are. Did you think of yourself, or did you think of the other person? Did you wonder what you would get out of it, or what the other person would benefit from? These are all areas we have grown in, by who we think of first. Is it you or the other person?
As you go thru life it should never be me, myself, I, and my family. There are others out there. Many have not learned this yet.
Open your opportunities by helping others and watch yourself grow (soul). Life is your learning playground. Have fun!

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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