Holy Spirit Teachings 18 03/12/23 to 03/14/23 – LynL 

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Holy Spirit Teachings 18
03/12/23 to 03/14/23

November 19, 2023 6:27 PM

Clouds of Joy
Clouds move around the Earth each and every day. They cover many things that can’t be seen and impede your view that may have given you sight of the unknown. One day you will meet me in the clouds. A joyous occasion for both of us.
Clouds carry rain that permeates the ground. Clouds are there for many reasons. Many clouds will be moved from their resting places. The masses will see what has been hiding in the sky. The Nibiru system lurks in the upper atmosphere. Many will be astounded at what they see in the air. Everything will seem out of its place.
The time is now for much to change. What was, will not be again. We move fully into Revelation and the sands of time continue to tick down.
I have created the sun, moon, stars, comets and planets to do my work. My words have been said and set. I will bring forth the future. Most of my children live in the present. Now, we move forward to the future of mankind.

Your Source of Life
Abundance, joy, love, strength in weakness, soul searching, to have, to give, to be is what life is about. It is about our connecting to our true source and light. It is about connection. It is about all that is. There is nothing more important than being. Nothing makes sense without me. Nothing is connected without the source. Its source is me, the great I Am.
I Am your source of power and life. I Am your ability to do. I Am part of you. Plug into your source of life before it’s too late, for we are at the starting gate.

Blessings Learning Lessons From Life
Many are blessed with the privilege of a wonderful home life, food, toys and trinkets that keep them occupied. Others, this is not, at all the case. Each person has lessons to learn while on Earth. For those who are affluent the lessons may be tailored to see if they can be honest in a dishonest world. One may have health issues and may be learning how to deal with adversity. Each person has been given areas that they can learn from. Maybe there’s a relative you can’t stand. You need to learn forgiveness. Or how about the person who is a sinner? What does he need to learn? Sin becomes part of you as you partake in it. Demonic forces are given permission to enter you when you do wrong. These individuals need to learn to stop sinning and get right with rules that were written for my Kingdom long ago.
We are all on this planet to learn something we need instilled in us, to forward our advancement. We learn from our mistakes and hopefully change our course when we realize we have been going the wrong direction. It’s time to reevaluate where you are and where you are going. I Am there to catch you.

Is it Possible to Calm the Storm?
The storm is every event you see coming to fruition. It is every problem that is now plaguing Earth. The storm is coming fast and furious. The storm is on its way and will not be stopped. My WORD is me. My WORD will not be altered. I Am my WORD. No matter what happens all should look to me for refuge. I Am your protection in this storm. Hide under my wings and take shelter. The storm (more sever) will soon start. Many avenues of security that most have counted on, will be disrupted. The ones who do not know me will have the opportunity to become one of my sheep. I will herd them into safety and give them shelter if they ask. When you ask for help it is imperative you repent of sins not addressed in the past. Any sins that you partake in must be stopped. Speak to me daily as you would a friend and be humble. Forgive others, and I will forgive you. Ask for help, if you find forgiveness of others, next to impossible. With my help, nothing is impossible. Get water baptized (full immersion) in my name and know I will protect my own.
Each and every day will be a challenge, but with me, at the helm, you will be protected.
Your Father in Heaven

Photos courtesy Depositphotos



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