Holy Spirit Teachings 17: 03/07/23 to 03/09/23 – LynL

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Holy Spirit Teachings 17

03/07/23 to 03/09/23
November 12, 2023 6:03 PM

I Am That Which I Am


Most do not know me like my chosen vessels do. They believe by reading my word once a month or asking something of me a couple times a week, this is a relationship.

If you had a special person in your life and you spent 5 minutes a few times per week speaking to them, would they understand? Would they call that a relationship? By the same token, when someone can’t spend some quality time with their creator, it shows me their priorities.

My priorities have always been to be close to my children. But this is a two-way streak. One side cannot hold it up by themselves. Remember that you were formed in my image. This means we are similar in many ways. I am saddened when my children can’t give me the time of day. It hurts and its lonely.

You can get closer to me, with spending time with me. Read my word, talk to me, pray for others, learn of my life on Earth. Everything you do brings you one step closer to knowing me and having a relationship. I wait to hear from you.

My Name is I Am


My name is I Am, and I Am your creator. I have always been and will be forever. You were delicately made by me. Everything about you is reflected by who I Am. Nothing you do is insignificant. Everything is recorded and watched by me. Whether you do right or wrong, there are consequences one way or another.

My Kingdom is beyond the scope of understanding. There are too many levels and layers to comprehend. But the one area of knowledge that is available to you, is your creation. You are intricately made in my image and my love for you is without measure.

My Kingdom awaits you. But to enter you must be clean of sin. You must give up the fleshly covering that holds you back. You must renounce your sins and turn from them. Sin does not enter Heaven. Change is important to enter. Stop all sins now. Your eternity is either with me or the enemy. It is your choice.

Our Dungeons in Life


Each of us are part of God. Created in his image. Our DNA is patterned by him which gives us all our characteristics, personality, body types and abilities. We come into the Earth as a clean slate (except for generational curses) and learn as we go along the way of life. As we pick up habits from those we learn from, our souls take on additional luggage that we were not originally built to take. Many pieces of luggage we take on become the sins that weigh us down. Like a plane must be balanced before taking off we must circumvent sins, so we are able to function properly. Sins weigh us down and unbalance our soul.

It is up to each of us to repent of sins, stop these sins and we become free of the chains that bind us to these encumbrances. Sin is a weight that upsets your equilibrium in life. One must make a conscience effort to forego the fleshly nature of sin and move into the spiritual nature that is free from this heavy weight.

Repentance and turning from sin does just that. It resets you so you can follow a spiritual path. It gives you the ability to see me and my Kingdom more clearly. Sin does not enter Heaven. Unrighteousness is part of your flesh. Make sure you leave these traits so we can be joined in Heaven.

Your Father in Heaven

Pride- Me, Myself and I


The stench of pride has permeated a great majority of this generation. Satan has had his hand in making sure that most feel they should only have the best of everything. They have been trained to receive awards for next to nothing. They have been given accolades for the slightest of achievements. They are patted on the back for things done, whereas in past generations these things would have gotten no recognition. As this generation grew up, they have had an over inflated opinion of themselves. Their pride is off the charts.

It is time to humble yourselves and bring yourselves down to Earth. No more me, myself and I. It is time to give to others and not center on yourselves.

Humbling oneself means to get on your knees and ask for forgiveness of all the things you have done wrong in your lifetime. It means you are truly sorry and see your error of your ways. It means stopping all sins and showing me your proud demeanor will stop and shift to humbleness and meekness.

I Am a God that forgives. The first step to becoming humble is realizing one’s faults. If you can humble yourself, I can forgive. Don’t wait another day, there is not enough time to balance your destiny on the fence you have been sitting on.

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