Holy Spirit Teachings 16 From 03/05/23 to 03/07/23 – LynL

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Holy Spirit Teachings 16
From 03/05/23 to 03/07/23

November 5, 2023 7:04 PM

No Matter Where You Are, I Will Guide You – LynL
My chosen ones, I Am here with you and live within you. You have prevailed through much over these many last years. You have served me well and have done what I have asked. You have not complained or shirked your responsibilities. You know who I Am and have treated me with reverence while being humble. Many of you know your assignments that are soon to be enacted. You do not fear what is to come but hold me to my promises. You will be brave like my mighty warriors of the past. Changes are soon to come upon you so that you can carry out your assignments. I Am thankful for the workers that will Harvest the fields- You!

The Time is Here
The time is here for all to be ready, for the starting gate is lined up, and all is to be released. All things will change and morph to something none of you will recognize. Your everyday lives will become the turmoil that hits the Earth, and no one will be the same.
To my chosen, you will be ready for the jobs you were created to do. You will be there to help those who need to hear of me and how I can help them.
You will be with me while we heal the broken and damaged, that will surround you. Many will flock to you and your brilliance. You will have answers they have been waiting for their whole lives.
I Am with you to help and guide you in all that will be done. Miracles, even greater than in my time, will occur. The Harvest will be plentiful.

School is Out
Many have spent years learning, listening and watching their teachers. Yet today, I find most still don’t have a clue of what is happening around them. They believe they are educated, worldly and generally intelligent, but most do not see what is right in front of them. They go on with their day like nothing is different and expect change non the less.
Change comes from action, direction and follow thru. It does not happen on its own.
Many continue with their sins and do not look at the possible consequences of continuing this path. Sin has worked well for them their whole lives. So why change?
As these educated individuals see that their surroundings and circumstances are changing a breakneck speed, they need to stop and change the path they have travelled on their whole live. What has worked in the past will no longer work if they expect to enter my Kingdom. All sins will not enter my Kingdom. It is imperative to change your direction now.
I love you all but holding on to what will not work in the near future must be addressed by all. Don’t hold on to what will eventually drown (down) you. I am kind, but also firm. NO SIN makes it into Heaven.

Jingle Bells is NO More
I Am the God of order. Everything has its place in the world. You will soon see my heavenly bodies that are not normal, in the skies. You will watch in amazement to the show that the skies will provide. This should act as a catalyst in waking one up. Things are no longer like they were in Kansas, anymore. Christmas will not be what it has been, for many in the past. Thanksgiving will be at a loss. All things will be reset by my hand, and many will need to regroup and figure out why things are like they are. Yes, your governments around the world will have “plausible” answers for all things, but most will not believe them to be true.
Each person needs to find me before it is too late. Their sins must be addressed and repented for. They must learn how to stay on the straight and narrow road and do not refind (rediscover) the wide road.
Each of you are responsible for the sins you allow in your life. Sins are not allowed into Heaven. If you continue down the road to destruction (sin), you will wind up in Satan’s external resting place. I have warned numerous ways and through numerous people. Will the next person, that comes to you, wake you up? I hope so!

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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