Holy Spirit Teachings 13 From 02/26/23 to 02/27/23 – LynL

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Holy Spirit Teachings 13
From 02/26/23 to 02/27/23

October 15, 2023 10:15 PM

You are Formed in my Image
You are formed in my image. Everything you do should conform to me. Even though each of my children are individuals and have their own free will, it is imperative that you find your purpose while here on Earth.
Your purpose is to find your creator and know that it is important to adhere to the rules that were spoken into existence by me. Yes, there ARE rules to my Kingdom. I do expect you to be righteous, humble, loving and many other traits that can enter Heaven. Without learning these traits and conforming to Heavens rules, it is impossible to enter.
Each person does have free will. If they wish to conform to sin, hate, lies they start to take on the characteristics of the enemy. His realm is the diametric opposite of mine. Your choice for sin becomes your choice for his kingdom and not mine.
I have sent many messengers of the “good news” of my salvation for you. Many glosses over the words that have been sent and continue down the path of destruction. Only you can make that decision for my Kingdom. Only you can change if you want to enter Heaven.
Time has almost totally run out. Don’t be left holding the bag of inequity (injustice or unfairness).
Start with repentance and telling me of the changes you will be making, and then follow thru!

Much Changes Now
Be ready for darkness. Be ready for my spirit to visit you. I will impart knowledge to you in the coming days. I will tell you why you need me and why you need to change all the things that are holding you back from my Kingdom. Things that must be addressed now. You have waited to the last moments and now IS the time to address what has been lost (salvation). Yes, it will take effort to change, what you have held on to for such a long time. Yes, it will not be simple. But with prayer and my help and direction, it will be much easier than you think. I will guide you and show you the way. I Am available to those who want change so they can join me in Heaven. Each person is responsible for their own choices. I Am a choice. Sin is a choice. Doing nothing is a choice. Choose correctly.

Nothing has Changed from Century to Century
I have been around forever. I have seen patterns from generation to generation. Even though the eras and technology has changed immensely, the people have not. There have been many problems from one century to the next. People who are in power are some of the biggest perpetrators of society and they have waged war for unjust reasons in most cases.
Today is no different. I find a great deal of leaders have been paid off to do what they might not have done if those with money had not tempted them. Your governments have surely been toppled over with corruption to the highest degree.
Do not let what you see stop you from finding a place in your heart for me. Everything is meant to be a distraction so you will not focus on me and my Kingdom. No matter what you see or witness, stay close to your creator. I will take care of my own. I Am here for you. No matter where you are going in this lifetime, take me with you. I am your protection and provider. I love you.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos



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