Holy Spirit Teachings 12 From 02/22/23 to 02/25/23 – LynL

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Holy Spirit Teachings 12
From 02/22/23 to 02/25/23

October 9, 2023 10:09 AM

I Love You
I made man knowing I would spend time with him in the garden. He named all the animals, and we had wonderful talks in the garden. Adam and Eve became part of sin when they did not follow my instructions. Today my children are much like Sodom and Gomorrah and Noah’s time. Evil started to permeate most of humanity. DNA was being corrupted and it was time to clean up the Earth.
My son Jesus came to Earth so that he would give each person the opportunity to make it to Heaven. Repentance, abandoning your sins and giving your allegiance to him was all part of the plan.
Satan has always been around to change my plans. Do not be caught by his snare. He will say or do anything that will try to convince you of his lies.
Read my word to know what I expect from my children. This way, if you stay focused on me, you will be much better off to fend off his attacks. Pray to me often in Jesus’ name. The only way to me is in my son’s name.
Be kind, honest, righteous, loving and humble. These are some of the most important traits you can have. I am with you as you go thru this journey. Pray for help when needed and I will provide for my own. With Love, Yah

The Walls of Jericho Come Down
Pray for change, pray for my will to be done, pray for all evil to be changed to good. Get on your knees and help the kingdom of God move in the right direction.
Prayer is imperative if you are leading a Christian life. It is part of the change, you can affect, in the world, as well as the change you create in yourselves. Prayer is important in getting to know your creator. Prayer is important in shutting down the enemy and causing destruction to be lessened. Prayer is important while blessing your food.
Those who do not pray have lost a great deal of effectiveness as a Christian. They are counting more on themselves and their flesh rather than what can be accomplished in the spirit. The spirit world can’t be seen but it is fueled thru prayers. Words have a great power in the spiritual realm. Speak out your words to affect the spirit realm. This is a war against good and evil. Do NOT let evil prevail on your watch. You are strong and bold, and your words DO make a difference.

In this lifetime some of the things we do are totally worthless, while other things that are done are priceless. What is done in the spirit is done for the Kingdom whereas the flesh is superficial and eventually rots away.
It is up to each of us to find the spirit within us.
We need to cultivate and make sure this attribute is prevalent in our lives. We get closer to spirit by prayer, repentance, and righteousness.
I live within each and everyone. My spirit will not tolerate sin and must be stopped for me to fully dwell within you. Each needs to address their sins to get closer to me. I did not create you to sin, I did not create Heaven to house sinners. You do the math; will you make it into my Heavenlies the way you currently are?
If not, you must repent and turn from those sins. It is not too late to be with your creator, no matter what your sins have been.

All Changes
All changes now. What was, is no more. Where we thought we were going in life, we aren’t. What we thought we would do in the future, is gone. We are at the pinnacle of every conceivable change. We cannot even expect the mundane to be mundane.
Each thing that happens from this point on, is no longer under our control. Our thoughts deeds and actions need to change with change. We are captives in a play, we never paid to see.
As long as we stay the same, we cannot conform with these changes and the anomalies that we are not ready for. It is imperative we reevaluate everything from beliefs, things we thought we could count on, and which direction in life we will now head to.
Our lives are built on choices and a smart person will relook at situations when they occur.
We are currently in the end-times. You have a choice to be a good and righteous person, or one that follows sin. Those who choose sin will follow their father to his destination, not mine. We are so close to the end. Be so careful with your choices.

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