Holy Spirit Teachings 11 From 02/20/23 to 02/21/23 – LynL

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Holy Spirit Teachings 11
From 02/20/23 to 02/21/23

October 3, 2023 1:09 AM

I Am Here with You
I Am with you when you wake up and go to sleep. I Am with you as you drink your morning coffee. I Am with you at work. I Am with you now. I Am the part of your day where you’re not sure what you are going to do. I Am with you when you have direction. I know when things are not right and know when you feel bad. Every experience you have is for a reason. You grow as individuals whether you experience good or bad. Man is here to experience and feel and create as he walks this realm. Without good and bad, hot and cold, fast and slow, there is no ability to gage a difference. These differences are of paramount importance in developing each individual.
The same with choices. If there are not two components that are opposites, you cannot make a choice. This is another way your soul develops to who you are in my Kingdom. Now is the time for you to make choices that will become eternal choices.

A Minute to Midnight, Might Not Be Close Enough
We are at a critical time frame in history. Almost anything can happen with all the destruction that is happening around the world. Unfortunately, much of this destruction needs to happen for my plan of salvation to occur. Many still, do not know me. Many have been complacent in finding me. I Am is the only true God. I have seen centuries of false god’s being idolized and worshipped. These statues and objects made from every conceivable material are just that—object with no meaning and no power.
Now it is close to midnight, and you need to wake up from your slumber. I wait for you to realize who your creator is. I wait for you to get on your knees and repent for your sins.
In case you don’t know, sins are not allowed into heaven. I cannot quit your sins for you. You must do that and ask for help, if you need it. Pray for your salvation and ask me for help.

I Have Always Been Here- Where Have You Been?
I have given messages through my servants who follow me, yet I don’t see many of you heeding these messages. Many seem to think that one can pick and choose from my bible and follow only the rules that are convenient for them. The Holy Bible is not a shopping list of items that can be picked from. This book is my word. My word is me. I Am that word!
When you pick 15 out of 20 rules that you agree apply to you, you are doing yourself an injustice. Heaven is comprised of righteous individuals who were careful to read who I Am, and what they needed to follow me. They did not make the mistake of compromising the pages they digested, which formed the “new them”. They know the word was written as a complete document and they knew I would not accept less.
Many will be taken in the Rapture, but that number is relatively few when looking at the population of Earth. It is not impossible to be a good and righteous person, though, it does take effort. Many do not want to spend that time and effort. They are too busy doing what they wish to do with little concern of their creator or their eternal resting place. There are usually too many excuses along with their lack of follow thru. “I don’t want to do it” or “It’s important I do it” or “I need the money, so I’ll do it” is some of what I hear. Whatever their reasoning, they feel it is justified and they don’t look back.
You are now going to have to look back and examine who you have become while making excuses and promises you never keep. Do you really feel this is the type of person who will enter Heaven?
If I transported all the sins that all partake in, Heaven would become that sinful place you now call Earth. It will NOT happen. You need to make those changes NOW! Time is almost out, and your eternity waits in the balance.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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