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Holy Spirit Required

July 7, 2021 7:10 PM

I am The “Red Bird of Paradise”.
I was given this moniker many years ago.
About 3 years ago, I began to understand.
There will be two other “Birds of Paradise”.
I am to deliver Messages to The Lost Sheep of The House of Israel.

* I am to seek out The Remnant/The Bride/The Church & share CRITICAL INFORMATION
which can be found/confirmed in the realm of The Spirit.  Here, Satan can’t “hack in” and/or breach the lines of communication.  Here, there is no doubt who is who (good/evil).

So, here’s the First Advisory:

July 7, 2021

* ALERT  *  ALERT  *  ALERT  *

Jesus is offering His Bride protection from the horrors to come.
This protection is contained in a Latter Rain Baptism of The Holy Spirit.
This is something altogether new.

If you are Spirit-filled, receiving this will be easy.  It was for me.

We are literally at the fork in the road.  It’s time to choose.

In order to pass through the Strait Gate and continue on the Narrow Way,
Baptism in The Holy Spirit IS REQUIRED.  There are no exceptions.

Eligibility Requirement:  ACTS 2:38 – every aspect.

Here’s what you do:
At a time when you are alone,
In your Spirit, look for a river.
Once you’ve locked onto it,
Watch it flow towards you.
A wave will swell as it approaches.
You will sense that an honest to goodness river is about to fall onto your head.  It may be a little scary, BECAUSE IT’S SO REAL.
The moment the wave curls,
* Do not duck to avoid it.
* Lift your hands above your head. opening yourself up to receive this RIVER OF LIFE.

Your eternal life (your soul) depends on it.

Once you have received this baptism,
you will SEE into the Spirit realm.

It’s ugly.

This is where the battle will be.

You will get your personal “marching orders” there.
No two people will have the exact same “orders”.
Individually, we each have “orders”.

Are YOU ready for battle?



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