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Holy Spirit / REPENT – AJ

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Holy Spirit / REPENT

September 18, 2020 10:43 PM
Hello. It’s 19/09/2020.
This is a short dream. I was walking out of a building. And something strange was going on in the sky. The clouds were thick dark and they were sort of converging slowly almost in a spiral. People were walking outside as well and I heard a woman screaming in the background not far from where I was. The mood of the entire scene spelt danger and something was about to happen for sure. After I saw blurry white flying figures with wings passing over and I recognized that they were white doves, it was strange. Right away I noticed one of them that was flying down straight towards me and in that moment I knew it was the Holy Spirit. And the second the white dove collided with me i begun to slowly float in the air, I was bewildered beyond comprehenssion wondering if it was a dream until i woke up.
I had a similar dream on May 23 2020. This is a foretelling of a near supernatural event before all hell breaks loose. A song of repentance is being sung right now for every person alive. The spirit cries out “REPENT, REPENT” Please come to Jesus with a sincere heart and invite him into your life NOW tomorrow isn’t promised.


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