Harvest, Holy Spirit


May 25, 2019, 10:10 PM
Judy Reynolds

My Chosen Ones,

It is I, Your Redeemer, Your Protector, Your Might God.

Very few of you have experienced My MIGHTY outpouring. I tell you, ask ME to ready you, to prepare you for the Harvesting Timeline.

You, my warriors shall go out with Great JOY!, not fear as you may have had in your minds envisioned it; JOY shall accompany you, PEACE shall guard you, and My LOVE shall compel you!Place all of your doubts in My hand-Do not be ashamed of doubt, and do not hide it any longer-simply ask Me to take it and I will bring you more Faith instead!

You are about to witness a Glorious, miriaculous, engaging in every sense of the word HOLY SPIRIT OUTPOURING. You shall be awed, wide-eyed, mouths dropped;simply AMAZED at My power, wonderful authority,kindess and mercy-even for you, My elect it is still yet hard to fathom this time is very soon upon you now. Abide in ME, with ME, in My presence and do your asking like a child of MINE who owns all things. Follow Me where I lead you to go, who I lead you to speak with, and what I lead you to do.


The enemies oppression shall diminish upon you, though the darkness grows around you now quickly and steadily. I AM yours and you are MINE!

Take every thought captive now My children, obey Me in this.


This word was given after prayer, at 11:41, finished at 11:55. The date I forgot to write down, please forgive this error. I did write down that I felt Gods presence strongly and asked if he had a word or someone he wanted me to pray for, he said “write My words for My people, I am the LORD JESUS CHRIST who speaks to you”. Gods great blessings to you.

Scripture given:

Mark 8: 14 through 19. I felt an emphasis on verse 19 as God supplied!

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