Hold On – Monapwhit 

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Hold On

July 19, 2021 9:39 AM

I heard a beautiful voice singing this morning (7/18/21). It moved me to tears and I typed it as I heard it. I titled it Hold On -Monapwhit 

Hold On

Heart will beat so strong 

I’ve got You to hold on.

Hold on 

and be strong

It won’t be long 

before we’re gone.

All scenes from the past

Will not last

It’ll happen fast.

All Mine

Will shine oh so fine

For all to see 

they’re in Me.

Prepare the way

If you don’t want to stay

For what I will bring will cause dismay.

So hold on

It won’t be long

For My return

On that great day.

Your One True love

And King of all

8:32am 7/18/21


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