“HOLD FAST” – Judy Reynolds

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June 16, 2020 10:20 PM
Judy Reynolds

Hello, I received this dynamic and all encompassing comfort on 5/6/2020 during worship as I was singing a song to our Lord and it flowed so beautiful and after my part it seemed as He was singing back to me with words the second part.

I did not remember what all of the words were yet He made certain I remembered this part. He had been having me study as well recently “HOLD FAST” in the Word of God.

After this worship, Jesus gave me the most important word He has ever given to me.
The Lord asked me to share this one part of the part of the song He sang back to me.

He said “HOLD FAST” and when I sang it out of my mouth it came out like the sounding
of a heart beat..Hold fast..hold fast..hold fast..oh my..it was so beautiful.

JESUS immediately let me know that He wants all of you to truly use this as a tool of comfort for all the days ahead and all of your personal trials until His coming.

When we feel scared..say it aloud..HOLD FAST, and I could feel how He wanted us to be reminded that in our times of hardship, greatest trials and losses..HIS HEART is having such compassion upon us, HE is thinking of us and wants us to remember HIS HEARTBEAT for us!!!

So, in our time of need we can draw upon this practically as from His strength.

AS IN LABOR..breathing,and saying to ourselves HOLD FAST! I am so thankful for HIS GREAT LOVE and COMFORT.

I pray this gives you Hope to HOLD FAST and endure unto the end My brothers and sisters in CHRIST.

I asked Him How he wanted me to end this and He told me to tell you this is from


Love in Christ,

Judy Reynolds

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  1. Thank you for the comforting word. God bless u

  2. Susan Elizabeth

    Thank you Thank You Thank You

    Judy and King Jesus

    Thank you

    He has been showing me 3:11 on the clock almost daily to remind me of thsi so this brought tears to my eyes as it confirms what Yshua has been speaking to me through the clock.

    Rev 3:11

  3. KarenO

    I’m also teary- Thank you. What a loving message!

  4. Averine Pennington

    Dear Judy,

    Thank you so much for this post. It really stirred my heart.

    I know this sounds weird, but I believe for these times that the Lord is doing some ‘heart surgery’ on His remnant-bride. I have prayed to Jesus that He would give to me HIS HEART so that I could have the same compassion for all mankind that He has. I believe my surgery has already taken place. He told me in my prayer-time that He now has my heart and I have HIS. Sometimes, I can actually feel my heartbeat change and it is like He’s getting my attention. WOW! I know that sounds crazy, but it is the truth.

    I hope you will take a look at my post entitled “Then Comes the Morning” which was posted today. It was partially inspired by this beautiful word that you received from our Savior.

    Hope to meet you someday in glory! I’m ‘holding fast’!


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