His Words are Lined Up, Along with Troops, Ready for Battle – LynL

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His Words are Lined Up, Along with Troops, Ready for Battle

June 27, 2024 3:24 PM


Why? Because it is “just” what it is. There is no rhyme, no reasons to the atrocities that befall Earth. Each blame the other as they work in collusion together, planning their next moves. Totality of becoming one (trying to copy God), is their goal, purpose, and directive. There is no peace, as their plot comes& together, causing disharmony, unrest, and turmoil throughout the nations. Sadness looms, as each individual realizes the enemy is invisible and difficult, if not impossible to fight.

Who is the enemy and how did they get, where they are, right in front of our noses?
There is only one Leader, one King, one Captain who can “now” control this narrative. He sits on a throne in Heaven, directing this troops to the battlefield. They are not who you expect, or believe, that they would ever impact this world. They are the forgotten, the outcasts, the lonely who wait in the background to be “called to duty”. Jesus being their Lord and Master, now takes control, to fight the fight, we (all people) lost many years ago.

All his Words are lined up, along with his troops, ready for battle. All are about to be suited up to become one with their (God) source. Let it begin, let it start, so all things will reach their predestined (the Word) conclusion.

No longer will those who promote sinful practices be allowed to continue. Their end on Earth will be met in the fires of hell, to continue their eternity, and destiny, they created for themselves.

Earth will once again become whole, breathtaking and a garden to be enjoyed for many, many years. Our destiny is with our Lord and King and that is where we are headed!


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