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“His days will not be many” – Ali Winters

“His days will not be many” – Ali Winters

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

“The days will not be long until My Judgements begin to fall upon one nation then another. Wars, rumors of wars, pestilence, disease will spread as evil slowly floods the nations. You oh foolish man have opened the floodgates to evil and will soon be consumed by its powerful never satisfied desires.

The enemy comes but to steal, kill and destroy yet you continue to travel the broad path leading to destruction. Time after time after time you have been warned and repeatedly you ignore the warnings.”

“Do not expect the goodness of God to flood a nation filled with corruption and the filth of their greedy desires. Donald Trump will not bring stability to your nation, nor peace to the world. His days will not be many. Donald Trump will fall before Me to acknowledge I AM LORD of all, but his end will come.

As you make preparation for your ‘day’ of thanksgiving remember there is NO hope there is NO peace apart from Me.”

‘For My people have forgotten Me, they burn incense to worthless gods and they have stumbled from their way, from the ancient paths, to walk in bypaths, not on a highway…..’ Jeremiah 18:15

Jeremiah 18:11-21 was given by Holy Spirit to be included with this post. Please read and pray for discernment regarding this entire passage of scripture.

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