Hide Me in your Secret Place – Janice Sharp

By Janice Sharp

May 18, 2017
Hide Me in your Secret Place


Take out those who you find in the storehouses for all to see. What I mean is, when you hear them saying they belong to Me, then question whether they have been sanctified by the blood of Yeshua and why they take no time to listen to Him. What are they going to do when their time is up? Tell them to repent now, for there is no more time.

Write of the ones who call down fire from heaven. They are going to deceive many and those who do NOT KNOW ME will fall for their tricks. Tempers will flare when you share the truth with these ones. As you saw tonight, many cannot accept that their world is coming to an end. They have put all their faith in themselves as the wicked ones have taught them. Nothing will please them who take no thought for anyone but themselves.

Wrap up all that is of this world and hide yourselves in My secret place. There is no light in the hearts of those who have hidden their plans from Me. No, you are right, nothing is hidden from Me. They let themselves think they are in control of their own destinies but they are sadly deceived. No, I do not relish the thought of where these will go. They wrap up their final plans now. There is so much destruction planned for the people on earth. Babylon will fall with a mighty sound and will never stand up again.

Yes many of My children have been tricked into believing their lies. They will be left behind to see where their idolatry has led them. Yes, all of them. No they have been blinded now. You can only tell them to repent as you have done. [what this means is; I understood that what God was saying about believing lies and idolatry, were those falling for the tricks of the American political theatre with Donald Trump. Many many Christians were deceived and duped into believing and basically idolizing Donald Trump. It is all a show as God showed me from the beginning. Those that believed in this wicked man will be left behind if they do not repent – so this is very important. It seems once the bait was taken, their was no going back.]

Now, tell Me what you are going to say to those I send you to? Yes daughter, I will give you the words to speak and keep you from the trial coming upon the whole world. The hour of temptation is upon you now. Look up and keep your eyes focused only on Me, for I will deliver in that hour. Yes daughter, do not doubt. Many are called but few are chosen. Wrap up ALL worldly pursuits and tell others to as well. Those that listen will hear My voice.

Love your Papa in heaven


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