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Hide From My Wrath! – Michelle Katherine Orts


Hide From My Wrath!

November 21st, 2021
Michelle Katherine Orts

11/21/21 5:35PM CST #USA

I asked of My Lord God Yeshua Ha Mashiach, “What is The Word of The Lord for His Warrior Remnant Bride?”

and Jesus’ Holy Spirit replied to me thusly,

“Hide under His Holy Shadow. His wrath is soon to fall upon the Wicked. Do not be found gallavanting among those who are proud of their consorts and their gains by deceptive means, gleaning from the orphan and the widows by trickery and unfair trades! No! Do not make the foolish your bedfellow or your BFF! Yes, I speak ALL languages, slang, slur, suggestive sly language doesn’t get past Me or surprise Me! I The Lord do NOT fear man! I do NOT fear the Fallen! I AM Creator of ALL seen and unseen.

The Blood of My Children cries out to ME from DEEP in the soil, in the ROCKS and CAVES in the literal BELLIES OF THE BEAST who have devoured My Innocent and drank their Life from their Blood! I WILL REPAY!!! VENGEANCE IS MINE and NO ONE WILL DISUADE ME FROM CALAMITY FALLING UPON THE PROUD, THE ARROGANT, THE MURDEROUS AMONG YOU!


Precious Saints, Little ones, My loving Children, My Wrath shall indeed fall and you shall behold it, but it shall not touch you or your loved ones if you abide continually in Me. You shall only see with your eyes and hear with your ears.

You shall be My Witnesses. You are MY TWO WITNESSES that My Word speaks of! My Remnant Church, My Warrior Remnant Bride is as Elijah and My Chosen Ones, are as My Israel (My Jacobs) are as Moses! Fire shall be called down upon the Wicked by My Word spoken through you MY Chosen Witnesses “for such a time is this.” -Esther 4:14

Haman and his 10 wicked sons (and those representing them in the spirit realm) shall now fall by the same evil intentions they have prepared for My Warrior Bride and My Remnant Vine.

They, the Seeds of Satan, are at War with Me and all My Children. DO NOT FEAR! Hide yourselves in your homes until My Wrath has passed over you.-Thus says The Living Waters and The Voice of Thunder.

Yes, Test My Spirit. Test Me against My Word. I CAN NOT LIE! I DO NOT DECEIVE! Do not attribute white sepulchers (false teachers, false prophets, fake apostles and selfish shepherds) to My Name! Those who say My Wrath shall wait for My Bride to escape do NOT KNOW MY WORD! Did I not shelter Noah and his family of 8 total from MY JUDGEMENT OF WATER? Thus shall it NOW OCCUR BUT WITH FIRE AND I SHALL SHELTER YOU IN MYSELF. I AM THE ARK OF SAFETY. There is NO OTHER. Yeshua, Jesus, Joshua is My Name. Many call Me Yah or YHWH, Yahweh! Yeshua is My Son and He is My Word, God, Me made flesh. I AM He the same yesterday, today and Forevermore. Selah! It is done. BRACE YOURSELVES!!! The Storm is now here!-Abba Father.”


Isaiah 26:20-21

20-21 Come, my people, go home

and shut yourselves in.

Go into seclusion for a while

until the punishing wrath is past,

Because God is sure to come from his place

to punish the wrong of the people on earth.

Earth itself will point out the bloodstains;

it will show where the murdered have been hidden away.

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