“He’s coming”…He’s almost here” – Whitney Eslick Manuel

“He’s coming”…He’s almost here”

Jun 17, 2019, 11:48 AM
Whitney Eslick Manuel

I had this dream around 2011. In the dream, I was in front of a very old TV set. I was born in 1976, and this looked to be from before I was born. The television was about 2 1/2 ft by 2 1/2 ft and sat atop a slender X shaped stand, similar to the stands that old-fashioned metal TV trays used to sit on. Anyway, I looked to be in a living room and standing while I watched a news broadcast that was on.

There was a female anchorwoman giving the news stories of the day. Behind her, on a studio screen, flashed pictures and video of what she was reporting. The news stories were coming in so fast, new breaking stories, that the screen behind her kept changing every second or two. Just as she began to report of one breaking story, another one would come in and need to be reported. Things were happening around the world at break neck speed! My eyes were glued to the TV as this was happening. Most of the news stories seemed to be related to severe weather phenomena, although some seemed to indicate war or civil unrest. But here’s the thing: The whole time this news woman was talking, I heard a voice behind me, to my right. It was a male’s voice and sounded like an angel.

Let me explain how I knew that. When I have dreams from the Lord, they "feel" much different than my normal pizza dreams. They are extremely realistic and detailed. I don't have to write them down to remember them, they will stay as fresh in my memory 10 years after I had them as the day I woke up from them. And I will often "know" things in the dream with no explanation of how I know it, I just do. Many things I see or hear in a dream will later be proved, information that I hadn't known before and such.

So anyway, a man I knew was an angel was standing behind me, off to my right. I never looked backed to see him because my eyes were glued on these changing pictures and videos presented on the news. But the whole time the news was going on and the anchorwoman was talking, I heard this angel speaking in a loud voice behind me. He was saying things like,

“Its not long now”…”He’s just about here”…”Its as if there’s no time left”…”He’s coming”…He’s almost here”, etc.

Over and over, I’m hearing the angel’s proclamations as I’m hearing that news lady report on breaking story after breaking story and watching the screen behind her change almost every second.

Now, here’s the other thing! When I woke up, you know how sometimes it takes you a few seconds to transition from sleep to consciousness? Well, as I began to wake up I could still hear this angel speaking! As I woke up more and more, his loud voice was still proclaiming off to my right that Jesus was coming and how it was so close now, it was as if there wasn’t any time left! Even after I had fully awakened, totally up, I heard his voice with my natural ears for about 20 more seconds!

This dream was about 8 years ago and within the last few months I have told my husband that when I see or read some of the news stories of the day, I see a flash of memory from the dream I was in, where so much was going on around the world at breakneck speed.

Jesus is coming. We need to prepare our hearts, throw off all that hinders us from following and surrendering to Him with all we have, and love one another. The love of many, including Christians, is growing cold. Lord Jesus, help us be ready for You. May the world know that You alone are God~

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