Here comes the tyrant: Proclamations against Nigeria the modern day Samaria – Olasubomi Williams

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Here comes the tyrant: Proclamations against Nigeria the modern day Samaria

March 28, 2024 9:38 AM
Olasubomi Williams

Leviticus 19, Jeremiah 23:9-40, Jeremiah 18:12-17, Isaiah 1:1-19, Ezekiel 23:1-10, 36-49, Hosea 4:1-10, Hosea 8:1-10, Amos 4:1-12

Words of YAH: Proclamations against Nigeria as a nation

P1: Nigeria, there will be a tyrant amongst your midst in the coming years to come. As the nation refuses to repent despite the fact that I am exposing your false pastors and ministers for what they truly are. So will I intensify my judgement upon the land. I will raise a Manasseh amongst you who will plunge you further into chaos. For not trusting and believing in me, I will also remove my hand of protection from you. As you continue to degrade and delve deeper into madness, I will protect my remnants and preserve them for the coming days and years ahead. I will avenge the blood of my people who have been unjustly killed and slaughtered because of the influx of witchcraft upon the nation. The men have become bloodthirsty and the women have become prostitute. They claim to worship me but their hearts are far from me. Modern day Samaria, you will know what it means when I say the terror of the Lord. I will be your terror if you continue to shed innocent blood upon your streets. I will not spare my eyes from the least amongst you both innocent and guilty. I will continue to push you further into madness until the nation as a whole is broken and is willing to repent to me. I will raise a tyrant amongst you who will not be afraid to shed innocent blood and will cause many of my rebellious people to lament and languish. For your Idolatry, I will remove your idols and render them useless. All will come to worship me the I AM, YAHUAH YOUR ELOHIM.

It was by my mercies I did not allow Peter Obi to enter. He would have done much worse than what your current president is doing now. Yet, many of you still choose to go against me and carry up your religious dogma to the streets hence making my name of no value. You idolize your preachers and you place them high amongst the heavens. You reinforce the hands of the wicked men amongst you and yet despite all this I still had mercy on you.

My son, do not be worried about where the message is coming from as my spirit bears witness to you. What I am saying will come to pass. Nigerians, if you think Tinubu is bad, wait until I bring whom I have in store for you. If you do not pray and turn from your wicked ways and repent and do good to your neighbours and love me with all of your hearts and submit totally to my will for your lives, I will raise the king of tyre to act as the punishment of your nation. This I have sworn to do so that my name will not be sullied amongst your filthy lips.

To the youths of Nigeria. Many of you still chooses not to repent. The gods that you serve now will betray you. I will hand you over for the destruction of your flesh to satan. I do not wish for you to be destroyed but if you choose to continue in your wicked ways then so be it. Your king, Your one true God YAH YAHUAH ELOHIM. No other besides me.

P2: The days of Sanni Abacha is coming back upon Nigeria, only this time 10x worse.

P3: For the greed of the inhabitants of the nation, I will bring hardships upon many. I brought down the Naira price to expose the hearts of many Nigerians and so that my people do not perish. My son, there is an adage amongst many Nigerians: What goes up does not come down. I will put that adage to rest. I will raise up businesses that will put many shops out of commission. Every greedy businessmen and sole proprietor owners will sell for cheap overnight as there will be no one to patronize them. For their greed and usury, they will pay the price. They will lose all their shop wares either through fire, theft or lack of customers.

P4: The judgement of Yahoo boys and G-boys are now at play. Anyone who is into witchcraft and sorcery to deceive people into selling their life savings or hard earned money, as they have done to others, the same will be done unto them. Tit for tat. Do not pray or lay hands for them else, you will join in their destruction. The pastors who reinforce their evil and lift their strength will be put to shame. Every lying prophets who supports any yahoo boys or any Nigerian fraudsters for that matter will face my wrath. I will make them homeless and irrelevant to society according to the level at which they go into it. To those who have shed innocent blood, they have been marked for death. These ones have failed to Listen to my countless warnings I have sent through my messenger and prophets. Their end has been set for them. Only pray that they repent before the devourer catches up to them. If you know anyone or have loved ones who are into these, tell them to repent.

P5: There will be more exposure of the deceivers in my house as I drag their names, their families and their legacies through the mud. I will do what I did to Solomon and rip their empires into pieces. They have made themselves idols unto men. Hence I shall bring down every idols in my house. Anything that exhalts itself against me will be brought low to the depths of the valley.

These charlatans have played the monkey and have entertained my people with lullabies for too long. It’s time I take my stance and clean my house. Every filth and abominations shall have no place in my house. This says the Adon YAHUAH your ELOHIM.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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