Marty Breeden


Dream July 2, 2019

I believe what I saw last night was shown to me in a symbolic way, so that I might understand…..
But that the manifestation of this is VERY REAL and happening in the spirit!!


First, I was walking with my youngest daughter through this very dark and depressing building.
It was massive!
We were on what I would call a “self tour”.

First, we walked into a special room that had a huge map of the United States.
All over the map there were lines drawn, tape, mostly red and pins placed on certain areas of the map.

As a retired Cop, this was very concerning to me because almost the entire map was drawn up like a “Crime scene”!!

I thought, “My word, what is happening?”….”What is going on?”

After I could not decipher or solve this map, I decided to walk out further into this building.

We walked into this massive room and we were SHOCKED to see it being used and running at a breakneck speed in full production.

At every station, there was a demonic entity feverishly at work!

At first I was stunned but then I quickly remembered that I had the power of Christ within me and this massive room of demons was subject to Christ within me!!

I walked up to one of them and saw him making an exact replica of himself and placing it in a container to be shipped.

I asked him:
“What are you making, and why are you doing this?”

He never stopped his feverish working, but he said:
“We are shipping these out, to every home in America, for we have but a short time!”

I said “What are these?”
He said “They are replicas of ourselves to be sent to EACH HOME!”….

He continued...”Fear, depression, anger, strife, division, addiction, perversion, sickness and then our most successful one…DISTRACTION!”
Then he said:
“Many families with get several, but ALL will get some!!!”

As he said this, I looked all around and saw these “replicas” being sent out with great speed and efficiency from this manufacturing plant!!….

I awoke…….

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  1. Adam Steiger

    I believe that there’s truth to this, as I had a dream (about 3-4 months ago) where I had sliced a leopard’s head clean off its shoulders…

    …only to then behold how, at the severed point of the neck — literal multitudes of leopards were rapidly springing forth out of the wound!!

    I’m not completely sure what this replicates, yet.

    …does this mean that an evil spirit can literally “replicate” itself and “split” its consciousness, its very being, into multiple spiritual versions of itself?

  2. Marty Breeden

    Thank you for sharing!!!

  3. madelyn

    Thank You Lord that as You allow Deep Darkness to cover the earth, You’ve opened heaven’s portals loosing legions of End Time Warrior Angels never before released to assist Your remnant. Open your mouths and pray Saints! They await your instructions! I AM more than all structures of steel, mortar and clay. “Heaven is My throne, and earth is My footstool. What house will you build for Me?’ says the Lord, ‘Or what is the place of My rest?’ Let us be Your place of rest in these dark days carrying Your presence everywhere our foot threads in Jesus name! When we enter a room, the spiritual atmosphere shifts, demons flee, captives set free and we don’t have to do or say a thing…..just “BE” breathing in and out.

  4. Sathya

    I believe this dream . kind of similar meaning I had on Dec.2018. one kind of strange rain came upon the earth. it produced lot snakes from under ground from earth beneath , snakes filled the earth . there is no place escaped of this snakes invasion. homes, businesses, schools, offices, streets . then Government came forward declared national emergency saying that everyone should dealt with snakes at their own home and government will take care of public places snakes . Not even christian home ,church escaped of this snakes invasion. God Bless

  5. Cherry Williams

    Brother, you have just opened your eyes to what is going on in the spirit world which is more real than what you see. Remember the bad guys in the Matrix replicating, get killed but restoring themselves because spirits,(demons in this case do not die) Everything you see in this physical world came from the spirit world. Also see a Christian sister; testimony of heaven and hell, how all the evil stuff human beings use on Earth is manufactured in hell. Her name is Linda Nyguaya or Linda Paul Rika. She is a Nigerian who gave specifics of what is Really going on. God bless you.

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