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Heed These Warnings – Terri Hennessy

Heed These Warnings

December 1, 2021 1:11 PM
Terri Hennessy

Dec 1, 2021

Yes daughter write these words, speak to the masses. My precious children, tribulation, trying times are upon you. What can I ask that has not already been spoken many times? Over and over again My merciful heart calls out. Not for My pleasure, but so that you will open your eyes, ears, and hearts to see the very destruction that stands before you. What can My messengers say to you that has not already been said? There is nothing more they can say, no other way for it to be said. Open your eyes children, open your ears, open your hearts and listen, listen to the Spirit within convicting you to pay attention. To heed these warnings, for it is for your best interest, for your safety, for your protection that these warnings come over and over. But they are nothing to you but a joke. Will you be laughing when your life is taken from you? When your children disappear from their beds, from your arms, and even your wombs? Will you mock and scoff when the enemies minions bust in your doors, beat and kill you for your goods? Will you laugh when the buildings, homes and trees are set ablaze and you’re left to live on the streets with no one and no thing to help you? These warnings are to bring you to reason within yourselves that it is time to get right with your Creator. I will protect those who acknowledge My name, but you must repent. You must let go of sin and unforgiveness; you must repent of these and I will dwell in you and it will be Me who will cleanse you. You need only to repent in sincerity and I will do the rest. Come children, come now. Now is the time. Do not put it off even one more day. Tomorrow is promised to no one and I long to be able to protect and provide for you in these trying times that are upon you and are here already. Warnings are going to cease and no one will be there to yell out for your salvation so heed these warnings now. Take seriously what My watchmen, prophets, and messengers warn, for they know; they have the truth, the Spirit of the Living God Most High living in them and it is this reason they care so much for your soul; for your salvation. They pray to Me daily, multiple times a day for your salvation. Believe. It is time to believe. Time to repent, time to come under the shelter of My wings. Be not left out in the elements of destruction where there is no cover. I love you My lost sheep, come back into My fold and I will place you up on My shoulders and with great love and gentle care, I will restore you. Lovingly,

Your Father


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