Heed My Call – Hope InHim

Heed My Call – Hope InHim

Published on Feb 10, 2019


Write My Words so they will abide on the hearts of men. I forgive ALL who ask. Whosoever does not ask is not forgiven. My Word shall stand forever. Your lifetime is but a drop in the bucket. Reality is not what you see. Realty is Me and the Kingdom of Heaven. You will be here very soon now My children. The Father’s heart comforts many in this hour. Turn to Me while you still can, and I will imprint Myself on your heart. Trust Me in this. Lean not unto your own understanding, but trust the Lord in all your ways. Your life for Mine; that is not correct. You give up nothing to find Me. Yet I search the world for just one of you. Heed My call when it comes for it will pour over you like streams of living water.

The Father

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  1. SC

    Thank you Hope. May God be your comfort. Praying for you and your family. Romans 8:28

  2. Joyce Straus

    Please pray for Hope and her family. Her only child, Grace, passed away from cancer 2/11/19 She is not sick anymore and is with her Savior King Jesus. Love, Joyce

  3. Ann Marie

    Even so, come Lord Jesus!!
    Hope, Our Lord cover you with his feathers and under his wings you shall find refuge.
    Love and blessings..

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