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Heed All Bumps Along the Road, They Are There to Ensnare You

June 4, 2024 1:16 AM


Timelines are given to get you prepared and readied. Plan accordingly and wait for further instructions. You will be led the whole way. I will inform my own, and the others, will not take heed anyway, mainly because they believe a lie.

Each person is responsible for themselves and those I put under their wings. For they represent me and my Kingdom. My will, will be done by them, leading those in need of direction and guidance. I Am in those that I choose to do my will (work) and together we team up to do my Kingdom work.
We are on the final stretch, so take heed to bumps along the road, which are there to snare you. All bumps can be avoided by going around them, rather than partaking in them (sin).

Each of my children are responsible for their conduct, love, and directions they disseminate to others. Watch all your words, deeds, and actions. You represent me and my Kingdom. Show my love, through your actions and aways be ready to help those I send your way.


Each of you have a mission to complete. You will not fear, for what is in front of you, for fear is not of me. Your mission is simple, to save souls, to bring them back to the source, me.

I Am will be with each of you, as you work the fields. We are few, but mighty. We work as a collective, with one mind and purpose, giving life as we move thru the fields. Nothing is too hard, for we will do the seemingly impossible. Souls will wake up to conform to I Am’s standards and they in turn, will help others.

The greatest show on Earth will intensify to a crescendo, to give life where there has only been darkness. To give health, where there has only been illness. To give peace of mind, where there has only been sorrow, shame, and sadness. Life will change as the tide turns to the Great I Am. What has seemed lost will be found, once again.

No matter who you are, it will be hard not to notice all the changes happening around you, yet still, some will choose to stay blind and perpetuate the sins that have conformed their soul to embody the enemy. Their free will, will bring them to a hell, they cannot even imagine.

Hell is not a place of rest but an eternal nightmare that will have no end. Choices are made for my kingdom or the alternative kingdom. Choose wisely, for after you perish, your destination has been set.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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