Heaven, Hell

Heaven & Hell – Sergio Peter Rodriguez

Sergio Peter Rodriguez

February 22, 2019

I have seen Heaven and Hell. Heaven is the most beautifulest place you’ll ever see. It is made up of gold glass, God’s kingdom is made out of pure white. The house are made out of gold glass, shaped like if we were living in Israel and made in many different shapes and sizes. God’s Kingdom is not the white you see nowadays this is more brighter than that. I have seen Jesus sitting on the throne and he was a lot more taller than I was. The Lord had to eventually come down to size just to greet me. He showed me heaven and his kingdom. There is Angels everywhere yet this is what Angels say everybody has an angel but not everybody ever calls for help. The majority of people care only about their own life’s and what they will do next. They don’t call upon God and His angels. Angels in heaven sing very beautiful, they are very kind and gentle get very Fierce and talented at the given time. The angels of the Lord work above the kingdom and below the kingdom. They go down to earth when called upon an on Jesus permission.

Hell is not beautiful, there’s people that are suffering there because they either learned and refused to listen about Jesus. It is a dark place mountains and mountains of souls pleading for mercy at the depth of hell. As Satan himself sitting on a desk gathering and writing down the names of people who will end up there, and are in the land of the living. Hell at the bottomless pit it’s not a place for Christians. And sadly but true many Christians will end up there because the cares and the things of this world choke them from growing spiritually. They never strive for holiness or for doing good and kindness. God is expecting us to do our best yet we live our daily lives not caring about our own lives, not realizing that one day judgment will come. I assure you this is the last generation. The return of Jesus is very near, we are but a breath alive one day and gone the next. We don’t realize life is given, and not bought. Whatever we do when we’re alive is what is written in God’s book of life and if your name is not written in the Book of Life because of Once own ignorance or refusing to do what God has put upon you. It will not do any good remember the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. The importance of reading a Bible on a daily basis and praying it’s what every Christian should do yet many people find it very boring. But we need to keep helping people, praying for them. If there is no one there to help them how do we expect them to be saved. We have to put away our own selfishness, saving others for the greater good. Jesus loves us very much, he has told me countless of times I love them but they refused me. I have seen Jesus cry his heart out but he is getting tired and time is running out.

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