Hearts on Fire – Tess Ann Macallister

Tess Ann Macallister

November 20, 2018

Dear Lord Jesus do you have a message for us today?

“Hearts on Fire” 11/20/18

Yes, daughter, I have a message for those whose hearts are on fire for me. My people my bride I address you today. Fear not it is I the Lord Jesus that speaks to you this day. I confess Jesus Christ has come in the flesh. This is Yahushua Hamasiach speaking. Daughter tell my people to pray now more than ever before. More trials, tests, tests of faith, attacks of the enemy, and sorrow lie ahead. Daughter, tell my people to prepare. My people, you are in that great hour of trial that has begun on the Earth. I am looking for those who have hearts on fire for me. I am looking for those who have surrendered hearts to my perfect will and timing. Children, you must make your choice now before you leave this earth and find yourself standing before me and the father giving an account of this life. Eternity is at stake. The lukewarm are not ready for my kingdom so they will be left behind. Will you let me set you ablaze with passion and praise? To the Lukewarm, I say REPENT.
My children my bride you are very special and I want you to know I have the best plan for your life in mind. I hold all your answers. Come to ME for your questions and concerns I want to hear from you, my children. I am the king of kings and I love you. You belong to me. My dear friends, I ask you shift your focus onto me and my everlasting kingdom. Putting me first in your life will bring blessings to you and your families. For those of you who are pursuing me, I am pleased with you. Daughter tell my people the time to seek me is NOW!!!!. Time is up. My coming could be at any moment be ready at all times. I cannot reveal my exact timing but you are in that end time harvest season. It is for a harvest of souls. You are my spiritual harvest workers. Continue onward until I come for you. I see your struggles I see your successes. I see all and know all. This world is a stench to me but you my children shine brighter than fireworks. I see your light. How beautiful is your light !!!!!. I see your hearts are on fire for me. This flow of anointing will continue until I bring you home to heaven with me. Daughter tell my people this is the end time season of my return for the church. My remnant stay on your knees, stay in the Word (The Bible), stay in worship, continue to bring others to me and warn others. I will give you much strength to endure to the end you must endure to the end to be saved. My holy Children will not see death. I will rescue you at the appointed time. That day is approaching quickly are you ready?


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