Heartbreak Hotel! – Benjamin Faircloth

Heartbreak Hotel!

Benjamin Faircloth

“America you are desperate to know your future. You look to the stars and moon, yet you never find your answers! You look deep within yourself, only to find emptiness and hopelessness. You refuse to look to the ONE who created you! The ONE who can fix what you have broken! You will not return to Me; therefore, I will not return to you! Your destiny has been sealed by the blood of the innocent, your fate is revealed in My Word, but you turn your head in disbelief. You shake your fist toward My Throne in anger and rage, mocking My Word and My Prophets; yet I still wait for your response to My warnings! Foxes have dens and birds have nests but you have not prepared a place for My Spirit to dwell! What shall I do to those who reject My Counsel? What shall I say to those who refuse My Wisdom and Life? I say unto those rebellious people, behold I come quickly and in My Hand is a sword and in My Mouth are the words of judgment that I shall speak to this perverse and wicked generation. You will never escape My Judgments and you will never escape My Love. Both are at your doorsteps-choose this day, for behold I come quickly and with Me is My Reward!”

Scripture reference for this message is (Jeremiah 12)

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