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Heart Check with God Who Sees – Sarah

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Heart Check with God Who Sees

June 1, 2023 9:09 PM

Given 6/1/23 4pm

Out of the heart the mouth speaks, where your heart is, there is your treasure. What you sow, that you will reap. Humans cannot fool ME. I AM. My Holiness is profaned among those who claim to know Me. They call Me Lord, but they are friends with the world, they look like the world, they refuse to disown SELF.

Man looks on the outside, I look into men’s hearts… I see YOUR heart right now as you read this. Pause and talk with Me. I love you. Draw near to Me, open Word, let Me teach you. Ask, seek, knock…and wait on Me. Let Me grow your faith in Me.

Ask Me to examine your heart… MY light of Truth will shine through your inmost parts. (Proverbs 20:27 The spirit of a man is the lamp of the LORD, searching out his inmost being.)

I AM El Roi, I See and Hear all. I already know things in your heart that you do not see. Will you lay down your life, everything that you call ‘yours’, before Me? Let Me prune away what you hold onto that prevents Me from teaching you My Word and Will. Every sheep of Mine PERSONALLY knows My Voice and no one needs to say ‘Know the Lord” for all will know Him…need no man to teach you, when I make My abode in people, Holy Spirit leads them into all truth. You have counted the cost and accepted My New Covenant. My Word is to be written in your mind and heart. Let Me do this. Lay down your will. Trust Me. Completely. Talk with Me, wait on Me, call to Me and I will answer you.

Come to Me. Love is Who I AM. Not like human love, or twisted love.

Your enemy, who wants to sift and devour your soul, twists everything. He (pride blinds like this) twisted My OWN WORD to ME, WORD. Even though He was banished from My Kingdom forever for profaning what I declare is Holy with pride, he cannot repent, therefore he is the same. Fools and the deceived do not realize how they look before My eyes. Their lawless, sinful ways betray them as false disciples and demonic. Satan had really convinced himself that He could make ME, Holy God, stumble. He worked hard at it, thus revealing the limited power that he has on earth. (Those who abide in Me have My authority over all of his power.)

Most humans listen to and easily obey the enemy’s words. He wants to be god in your life. And he is, if you obey what he tells you to do, and you walk according to your flesh – still thinking that you are Mine.

I said not to befriend the world. I also said that if you do, then you hate Me. What would you say to Me at the judgement? What excuse will I accept?

There is no other way in but through The Gate. Let’s look at your heart together now, instead of only on judgement day. Let Me heal, and cleanse you, and fill your lamp.

You have to decide if you really do believe Me, like you SAY you do. Peter could walk on water when His eyes were only on Me. I have so much for you, but you have to believe My WORD.

My daughters: do not tempt men to commit adultery in their heart by the way you dress and behave. This is not Holy Spirit love, this is sin. Do not crave the attention of men like worldly women do. Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting, but the woman who fears the Lord will be praised, I have told you. Now decide, women, do you want the attention of men, or MY attentive ear? Respect your husbands as unto The Lord, be Sarah’s daughters… give up self and operate in My fruit. If your husband does not obey Word, he may be won over by your obedience to Word, by evidence of Holy Spirit fruit in you. Let him see Me in you. If your husband is not saved, he is covered by Me so that your children are in My care. They still need Me, and be My daughter, do everything as unto Me. Older women teach the younger ones My Word.

My sons: Give up porn and EVERYTHING that makes you sin in your heart. No adulterer will be in My Kingdom. What you sow, you WILL REAP. Do not be deceived by false doctrine that tells you otherwise. Men tell you that a little sin is ok. Do not blaspheme My death on the cross for sin. I DIED because of sin…I would never accept sin. You must come to Me so I can cleanse You with the water of My Word. Do not delay. If TODAY you hear My Voice, harden not your heart…if you turn away like the rich man did, you are making your heart hard against Me. Keep your heart as a soft heart of flesh before Me. Teach your children WORD and love your wives with the sacrificial love (not My will, but Father God’s) that I gave to the Church, your prayers may be hindered based on how you treat your wife, My daughter.

My Word is the only Truth. Open your eyes, stop resisting Me! Make your resisting flesh submit before Holy God. Learn of My Holiness, all through Word. In Heaven all will worship My Holiness…so if you are Mine, do this while you are alive on Earth. I, Christ, want to live in you…not you living, but ME IN you.

Seek Me with all your heart (how much do you hunger and thirst for My righteousness?)

And give me your self, let Me mold the soul that I gave to you. I alone am your POTTER. Let Me teach you the way I designed things to be done.

False ‘believers’, whose prideful prayers I do not hear, wolves who make merchandise of you, tell you not to seek Me, that you should never meet with Me in your prayer place, because you might mis-interpret what I say, and that only THEY can hear from Me. My fearfully and wonderfully made child reading this right now, my little one – whom I knitted together in your mother’s womb, YOU… Yes, YOU reading this right now! I made you on purpose, for MY purposes. I said that I will abide in those who love Me: obey what I tell them to do: Love Me with all that is SELF, and when I live in you, I will love others through you as you bear My Holy Spirit fruit of Love. I do not lie, chase doubt away. IF YOU SEEK ME, yes, YOU! With all your heart, you will find Me and I will answer you!!

Can you really afford not to draw near to Me? Are your thoughts higher than Mine? No. Are your ways better than Mine? No. Sit at My feet, learn of Me.

I will never tell you anything that adds to or takes away from My Word/Bible. (Revelation: Jesus’ WORDS! He does not LIE)

Read My sermon on the mount and ask Me to explain My Word to you. Narrow is the way, you must find it (abiding in Me, I will show you), the way is difficult. Free, but difficult. Why difficult? Because your SELF, all of it, must humble before Me. Like the rich man, he had obeyed My Word, and I loved Him as my mother and brother and sister. (I said my family are those who do Father God’s will – not their self- will.)Then The Father wanted to prune things in the rich man’s heart that would keep Me from perfecting him, and make him holy. Full surrender of his HEART. (I want worship not with lips only, but with all your heart!) The rich man’s love of his wealth and all that it comforted him with… I wanted him to give it to the poor and follow Me. Did he love Me in reality, when I searched his heart? He chose to turn away from Me. He rejected My pruning. My way is difficult. Many wealthy people who love the money I GIVE them will not enter My Kingdom. Difficult is the way, with man it is not possible. With ME, however, ALL THINGS are possible! My burden is lighter than those worldly concerns you carry. I call you to cast all your cares upon Me, believe that I CARE for YOU.

Even so, many will only have the comforts of this life as their reward. There are no rewards in hell. When I want to remove something in your life, trust Me in faith that I gave to you, you know that I AM GOOD. So give to Me all that I ask for. Let Me teach you how to prepare for My return. Your lamp will have oil when you seek Me and give Me your whole self. I am not a man who would lie to you. I AM TRUTH. You know you can trust Me.

When you disown self, set your love upon Me, set your mind on things of The Spirit, walk according to My Spirit… the treasure that is in your heart, My Word, will flow forth. If your treasure is in Me and for My wisdom, My Word will flow out of you, My fruit will be seen through you, I will work through you to defeat the work of the enemy, for Father God’s glory, through My Name.

My child, I see that you feel love for Me…I want 100% of you, all your money, talent, dreams, goals, love as obedience… I never told you to fix yourself or to overcome in your own strength. I came to heal the sick…it is your need that you give to Me that I can fix. Let Me show you the needs you have that you do not see. Don’t think you do not have any. I have what you need, come buy from Me.

Most in the modern-day churches have never experienced Me abiding in them. Yet I said that you who abide in Me and I in them (I prayed for YOU while I was still on earth physically, did you know that? John 17, John 14-17 explains how I manifest Myself and make My abode in those who obey Me.) I said that you will do greater works than I did while on earth physically because Holy Spirit will be IN you. I DO NOT LIE.

Who DOES lie? SATAN AND HIS MINISTERS… they cause men not to seek Me. Men, in whom I tell you not to place your trust, including your OWN understanding) discern by looking at the outside, (which is why deception comes in – do not believe what you see only, compare to WORD: EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE.) Wolves do not warn you to NOT wander back into sin… that I washed you of… I purchased you with MY BLOOD. You are not your OWN if you are My disciple. Be not deceived: if you walk according to the flesh, you do not know Me… you are on the wide, not-difficult road, and you are in danger of perishing with the hypocrites.

If you set your mind on things of My Spirit and walk according to My Spirit, you will reap according to My Spirit.

I said I want you to be holy and perfect… not just obeying My commands, but trusting Me, Faithful and True. None other has MY HOLY NAME. Draw near to me with all your heart. Humble before Me, just come near to Me, tell Me everything, confess the darkness that I show you that is still in your heart, and I will create in you a CLEAN heart, and not remember your sin, and it will be buried into the depths of the sea. I will put My righteousness, that you hunger and thirst for, onto you. I will sup with you, and will grow My fruit for you to bear as you abide in Me, WORD. My burden is light when I am your Helper.

Ask Me, and I will accomplish My will in you, the special purpose for which I created you! I want you to be able to experience why I made you, what My disciples were meant to do, just as the earliest church did before paganism was mixed with Word. My Spirit has fruit and also gifts. Gifts you will need in these last days.

You MUST be hearing MY Voice so that you know TRUTH from the profane. Remember, Satan is an angel of light and his ministers are as he is. Ask, and I will give you discernment to know good from evil. Seek Me, then you will gain My wisdom. My Word is a lamp unto your feet. I am calling to My sheep, and those who want to be My sheep. I AM The Good Shepherd. “Come now, and let us reason together saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; thought they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.” Isaiah 1:18 kjv

I will not break a bruised reed or a contrite heart, no, I don’t want to shame you, but cleanse you. I have balm from Gilead, oil and wine, beauty for ashes, water in the desert, salve for your eyes, gold tried in fire, a robe of righteousness for you! I break the yokes, bind up your wounds, wash you with My Word.

Come on, while it is still called TODAY, draw near to Me, open your heart-door, be humble and contrite, be willing to let go of/ repent of anything that I show you, that I see. I do not lie, so do not argue with Me when I show you things that might surprise you that you forgot about. Confess, repent to Me, as a little child. I AM rich in mercy. My lovingkindness never ends. I draw you to repentance because of My lovingkindness toward YOU.

I also want to review your doctrine with you. Let’s do this NOW, before Judgement Day. Will you seek Me with all your heart? Will you call out to Me?

Do you hold any doctrines of demons, commandments of men, false teachings in your heart?

If your heart harbors lies, will you let Me teach you in My Word why these man-made doctrines are false? So many false teachings, they profane My Holy Name and My Holy Word.

My commands are treated as mere suggestions, as though I do not MEAN WHAT I SAY. Did I not show you that I love you so much… that My Sinless Son’s BLOOD was poured out as payment for your confessed/repented-of sin, His Blood satisfied and fulfilled the covenant of My Law. That is how serious I am about you being in Heaven with Me.

It is a NARROW way. I want to help you find the Narrow Road (You must find it…you can do nothing apart from Me, sin separates you from Me (David cried to Me to not take My Holy Spirit from him because of his sin)…and sin puts you in peril of shipwreck.

Do not let the enemy keep you from humbling before Me. Do you believe, that I, your Father, Almighty God, Who created you… want to speak with you. I said I want to sup with you. But you have to do something first. You must humble before Me and let me wash away your sin, all self that you cling to. You know I AM Good, that I AM The GOOD Shepherd…I know what I am doing, do you believe that? Soak in My Word, plant your roots there. With Me in you, and you abiding in Me, you will glorify Father God and gain treasure in Heaven.

“Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful. But his delight is in the law of the Lord; and in His law doth he meditate day and night. And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.” Psalm 1:1-3kjv

***Felt I needed to add this note: please prayerfully read through this, allow Jesus to draw you unto Himself… if you are led to, look up the Words here in The Bible… I encourage you to find these Bible verses and even read the whole chapters they are in. So much wisdom God has for us, but we must seek. Please take your heart before The King of Kings, Lord God Almighty, in Jesus’ Name. Ask, seek, knock, and wait on Him. He is making His Bride ready, she can do nothing apart from The Vine. We are in this generation for such a time as this, and He is calling us to allow Him to cleanse and prepare us. I exhort you to submit to His will. May He find abundant faith and fruit in us all, and all glory to God Almighty, Who does this beautiful work in us! Keep loving Him and others with His love!!

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