Hear Ye, hear ye!- Christine Beadsworth

Hear ye, hear ye! – Christine Beadsworth

This morning (May 3rd), as I was worshiping at the piano, I saw many hundreds of angels, flying fast, having been dispatched with scrolls to the Bride. Then I watched as each one stood like a town crier in front of one of the Lord’s beloved, as they read in a loud sing-song voice to each one:

Hear ye, hear ye, one and all,

Hear the true words of the Lord,

hear ye, hear ye, precious Bride,

Take my counsel deep inside.

It grows dark increasingly

And you’re battling now to see,

But remember light I’ve sent,

Words I whispered just for you,

Fan that flame alive again

Come now light the hearth within.

Fan My words into a fire

Stoke the flames of your desire

For My presence and My might,

Be now filled again with light.

Hold onto My promises,

Be not swayed by what you see,

For all the words I spoke are true

And the Daystar shines in you.

Fan My words into a fire,

Rise and shine this darkening hour,

Carriers of Truth for Me

Be now filled with glory.

Hear ye, hear ye, precious ones,

The soon coming of the Son

Hear the angels shout the news

See the Daystar rise in you,

There is darkness all around

Men’s hearts fail, but hear the sound

Of what Heaven is doing this hour

See My hand move in power.

Hear ye My word from the throne

I am watching o’er My own.

I will keep you from the trial

That’s appointed those not Mine

And I’ll bring into plain view

Those who worship Me and do

Everything I’ve asked them to,

Those who love and fear Me

Shall now bear My glory.

Carriers of Heavenly light,

Beacons in the darkest night,

Showing others how to be

Righteous once again in Me.

Stars who shine are now to be

Full revealed for all to see

Holy vessels brought to sight

Full of power and of might,

Working Kingdom strategies

Watch and see the darkness flee.

It’s now coming time to shine,

Fan your flame and show you’re Mine.

Do not shake as others do

Focus not on daily news,

But on Who I Am in you

And see what your God will do!


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