Hear the word of the Lord – Nameless

Hear the word of the Lord

March 24, 2020 11:09 AM

Hear the word of the Lord,

“I shall shake the nations before me, I am mighty in my armor, a man of war I go forth into battle, the whole earth shakes. The kingdoms crumble the the mountains shall melt. I am the glory and the lifter of your head. I am coming to make war and I hold a sword in my hand and fire proceeds from my mouth and the word of the Lord shall come to pass. Heaven and earth shall pass away and alone my word shall stand and THEY SHALL KNOW I AM THE LORD.

Who shall touch my right hand? Who shall dare to touch my holy mountain? Who shall dare to come into my place my dwelling and oppose me? Fear shall be upon the faces that know me not nor inquire of my ways, for this is my kingdom come in you. I come to bring a sword and fire, I come to divide to the marrow with truth and of my spirit, for who knows the heart of man but the spirit of God. There is no where to hide in My Day there is no where to run. If you seek a place to hide hidden in the caves of the mountains I will find you. Can you hide in Sheol even from me?

Where are your false prophets Babylon the great? Send them out into the streets and let me hear them speak at my arrival. Woe, woe, woe unto you for your days are over and death awaits those that have spoken apart from me. Those who have said unto my people, “the Lord has sent me, I come in His name”, swift shall be your end, for ALL FLESH SHALL NOW BE SILENCED BEFORE ME.

You have stood in the council of the wicked men of the earth, you have looked unto kings that cannot save you from My Day. You have listened to the scoffers in the streets that have mocked My Day, they have mocked in error of the season and the times in which you live and dwell.

LISTEN TO MY VOICE in the day of darkness, LISTEN TO MY VOICE for I am the only light, LISTEN TO THE TRUTH above the lies of the land that all shall be well with you.

I have whet my sword and I’m coming down to you in an hour you do not expect. As in the days of my passing over, where shall you stand? Are you dwelling with me, in me, hidden on my day under the shadow of my wings or will you too partake of her plagues? Come out of her my people! Come out of Sodom and Egypt, the throne of the beast. A king of wickedness shall rule you well. I will give unto you your hearts desires, one of fleshly desires, one of prosperity and riches in the land of the heathen where you have built your kingdom come.

To mine own, to those who follow me I am leading you. Do not fear, do not be dismayed at the horrors you shall see. Do not fear the lack of bread for I am the bread of life, life abundant. Still yourselves in my love and let my love cast out all your fear as you are drawn into my heart, into the hidden place where you know my ways and hear my voice of truth, of life, and of my love unto you my beloved sheep. My sheep hear my voice and follow me a stranger they will not follow and no one will snatch them from my hand. Sing my little lambs in the wilderness as I lead you to green valley and springs of fresh clean living waters, here you will rest your souls for I the Lord know how to look after MY SHEEP.”


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