Hear the Cry of the Watchmen! – Barbara R Thomas

By Barbara R Thomas

Hear the Cry of the Watchmen!
March 17, 2017

My God! My God! My God! I hear the Spirit of the LORD saying, “Many are crying Abba Father, yet they have not allow My hand as a Father to guide them or to perfect them.
They have overlooked and rejected My Words of correction and wisdom that would had brought them into My perfected will for their lives. They have stumbled through the life of salvation, because they would not repent and turn from the ways of the world.
They held on to their attitudes of rebellion and disobedience, because they refuse to change to serve be fully. Their yes has been half hearted, because though they seek Me to bless them, they refuse to turn and surrendered whole-heartedly unto me.
Many have only bowed their bodies down to Me but their soul has not surrendered. They go their own way and they do their own thing. They won’t hear me, because many have lied to them in their rebellion and said I was pleased with them.
They have prophesied smooth words to those who are of a stony heart and they have trusted the lies of those who are an enemy unto Me,” saith the LORD.
“Even in My angry as I have poured out My wrath against the wickedness upon the earth, they have not turned neither heard My cry to repent. Many have swelled up in pride, because the false prophets have stroked their egos and they have boasted of performing great things but they are not of Me.
They have been lying Wonders before the people. For as I AM not with them, they practice evil upon their beds. But I AM shining My light upon it,” saith the LORD.
“I AM shaking My people and causing a mighty war to break out upon the earth the battle of good and evil is moving greatly and those who won’t hear, shall fight strong against the righteous, but they will not prevail against them.”
God is calling for a fresh word of repentance to be released from the mouth of His soldiers in this hour. I heard Him say not shrink back, don’t retreat, be not afraid of their faces, don’t stagger from the warfare, show no weakness to the enemy, prepare yourselves for battle, stop being weak before the crowds of adversity.
He has not called you to an easy warfare in the hour. Thou must be diligent and relentless in your pursuit of the enemy. Stop hiding in your caves of self pity, because of the verbal attacks and assaults of your character.
“Stand strong remember the battle is yours fight for your land fight for your territory I have set before you an open door and there are many enemies who shall oppose your assignment to defeat the spirits that oppose My will in the place I sent you.
Be not afraid. I AM with you and there is more for than against you. Triumph over your enemy, for they shall breathe out threats to weaken your heart, but remember, I AM greater than your enemies fight,” saith the LORD.
“There will be those who shall say they are sent by Me, but I will not allow you to be deceived by their sweet words of deceit. I will reveal their heart before you. There be those who shall hate you because I shall bless you. Worry not. Continue to proclaim My word and go forth.
Great opportunities shall come before your presence, but not all will be of Me. Seek Me before you walk through the door so that you won’t be set up for destruction. For My prophets, I shall not hide the things that I shall do and you must warn My people.
Prepare for much opposition within the church, because wickedness rules in My house, but I shall overthrow,” saith the LORD.
“Stand now and see the great sights that shall be upon the earth as I show signs and wonders among the people. They shall see miracles and supernatural exploits in the lives of some that have been chosen for now but yet they won’t believe nor turn from their wickedness be not dismayed at the unbelief that shall be displayed just hear me and obey My will.
I shall speak and it shall be done, saith the Father, it shall surely come to pass and My Word will not lie as I say it I shall do it as it is spoken so shall it be done.
Provision is being made for the work of your hands and I shall show forth My power through your hands. Yes, My fire shall fall, My rain shall come and mighty winds shall come that shall bring change.
Those who have an ear shall hear My words take heed and hide in Me until I have perform My words of correction, My ways of chastisement upon the earth.
Yes people, there is a mighty shaking taking place and it is mighty upon the earth heed the word of the LORD when it is released in this hour, for it shall save your life and your soul.
Don’t be fooled by false words of security, the LORD is moving to bring back the hearts of the people unto Him. Listen to the warnings take heed to the instructions turn not to the right or left but hear the voice of the LORD in this hour and rise up from the place of compromise stop your ears from the seduction of the wicked Hear God!
Hear God! Hear God! For He is speaking throughout the earth, but because of the mouths of the wicked who are using those who say they are of God to speak smooth words to harm the soul of the people, many are not taking heed to His word.
Don’t be blind. Open your eyes and see how the enemy wants to destroy your soul. Wake up from your slumber arise from your place of ease and know the hour is near for destruction and fear shall come.
But those who trust in Me shall not be shaken, neither afraid, for they know that I AM with them to perform My good word that I have spoken unto them,” saith the LORD!
This is the hour we shall see God’s greatest, but also remember He is also a terrible God who winks not at sin!
“Hear the cry of the watchmen as they shall warn you of the dangers to come. Take heed. Turn from your wicked ways and stand in righteousness, for its is the ways of holiness that the Father desires to see in the lives of His people!
Hear Him and obey for much shall try to overtake you, but I shall cause My watchmen to stand and watch and they shall see and sound the alarm hear and obey,” saith the LORD God!
ELOHIM has spoken. Take heed and know that He cannot lie. His words for His people shall surely be performed!
The battle of the LORD is strong upon the earth who shall be able to stand when God moves mighty throughout the earth!

~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas


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