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Hear my Words, says the Lord! – William Brooks

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Hear my Words, says the Lord!

March 20, 2024
William Brooks

20 March 2024

Hear my Words, says the Lord! The day of the Lord is about to break upon you like an all consuming fire, and by fire shall the sins of many be purged that will call on my name and love not their lives till the end. My sheep hear my voice and I will provide a way for them even though they will experience many troubles. Those who hold to my mighty name shall be saved, as even so yet by fire. The enemy is upon you, oh arrogant ones who have rejected the peace I offered you. Your sins have come before me and great judgment is upon you. Though my fire shall not consume my little ones, and the times will be the most difficult ever, many saints shall escape the second death by turning to my name in their hour of trouble and by standing firm until the very end. I, the Lord Jesus Christ, have spoken it and sent warning to those with ears to hear and eyes to see.

Oh, you nations, you idolatrous nations who traffic in great sins. Yea, you have become merchants of evil who glorify the evil one with all your evils words and evil ways that you have learned to your own demise. You have become traffickers in flesh and humans, even children have become your merchandise. The wrath of the Lamb, yea my wrath will consume your world and my fire will cleanse the land from the works of evildoers. Before my kingdom shall come, a great cleansing shall overtake the earth and the earth shall be stained by the blood of evildoers. Yet, I will build my kingdom on the earth, a kingdom of righteousness and peace where no evil thing shall enter, and I will rule the nations with a rod of iron. What currently is will be destroyed and will not be rebuilt, and I will utterly cast down your idols and the high places of your mind shall be brought low. For you have said in your heart, “I am no widow!” Yet your desolation will come over you in one hour, and it will utterly engulf and reshape the world as you have known it. Why do you worship your own death, oh idolaters of the earth? Why do you set apart and sanctify your own punishment that you have heaped against your own souls? Have you not seen? Have you not heard? Have you not read? No, you are blind, and you are deaf, and you cannot comprehend my words because you have rejected my holy spirit that I would send over you and utterly cleanse you before me if you would only accept my offer. I will repay, says the Lord. I will repay every man according to his works and I will give a double portion of judgment as I return your works to the detriment of your own souls, and you will not recover. Judgment is about to break forth on the earth and so many of you still ignore my call and do not heed my words that would surely save you from your calamity. The hour of your judgment is approaching and many will take the mark thinking they can save their own necks and live in the sins they love yet a little while longer. The man of perdition will promise many things and will deceive the entire earth as they wonder after the beast, saying “who is like the beast?”. Yet, the coming evil one, with his lying signs and wonders, will betray you, and you will perish utterly. You will die in your sins and wake up to the great white throne judgment where you will answer for every sin, every evil thought, yea every idle word shall you give an account. And in your own filthy rags you will be found wanting, and you will not stand upright, because no flesh is upright in his sight, but all have gone astray and worshiped their own corruption. Oh man, anyone who rejects me and who rejects their creator shall utterly perish without remedy. Now is the time of salvation. Who will you run to when you are taken captive and cast alive into the lake of fire? Your pillow will be fiery brimstone and your covers will be the eternal flames my father has prepared for the devil and his angels. Yet, by rejecting me you have chosen your own fate and joined the evil one, and you will share in his judgment. I, the Lord Jesus Christ who was made of the flesh and who dwelt among you, verily I will utterly destroy the enemies kingdom and the earth will become the final battlefield. Escape while you can because time is almost up! Only a few grains of time remain to fall through the hourglass and the trumpet shall sound. As my Church is snatched away and my bride is taken to her chambers, Satan and his host will be cast into the earth, and he will utterly wage war on the inhabitants of the earth. The abyss will be opened, and many foul creatures will ascend in pursuit of anything they can devour. Oh foolish man, do you not understand that in my grace and mercy I have restrained the fullness of the enemy’s kingdom from coming on you? Yet, I will give you what you long for in your sinful desires and I will unleash his entire kingdom against you, and you will utterly be given into the hands of your enemies. His goal is to destroy all mankind to the last soul for he wants a Godless world for himself, which he shall never have. Had I not shortened the days, he would succeed, and no flesh would be left alive! Yet you still prefer your sins over the deliverance, love, and light I have for you if you but only choose life and confess my name as Lord! Yea, make me, Jesus Christ your Lord as I am alive evermore as a beacon to those who are about to perish. Those who call on my name shall be saved.

My little children, time is almost over. I know many of you are weary and are vexed to the core of your souls by the evil that has sprung up around you. These are the last few minutes of the birth pangs and my chosen shall be delivered into the heavens where I have provided a place of safety where they may take refuge. My reward is in my hand for the faithful and even the unfaithful who shall suffer loss but will still be saved alive for eternity because they have made me their Lord. Therefore, depart from your sins and look to me, so I may shine my light into your heart so you may cleanse yourselves by my atoning blood. Shrink not from the times and shrink not from the work that remains for you, for the time is at hand. As events unfold in front of your eyes know that these same events will accelerate and things will happen very quickly for judgment slumbers not. The times of grace and the times of refreshing for my Church is coming to a close. Truly, I have not been slack concerning the promises but have showed great long-suffering and patience that every last soul whom I have chosen will come to me. Judgment is upon you oh earth and only the faithful in my Church shall escape. Why do you still let deceivers and false prophets trouble you by their troubling words that they speak against the simplicity found in me? Why would you let them entice you away from my marriage to my bride when I would prepare you a seat at the table if you would only come out of your sins and believe the actual words in my holy Word.

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