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Hear my warning – Cheryl Matthews


Hear my warning

September 10, 2020 1:31 PM
Cheryl Matthews

word I got this week. I have notebooks full of his words but have not shared many. Feel I must share now.

Note: Before the words I saw a large arm from the elbow down with a fist that came down very hard. Then I saw two rows of men in military uniforms facing each other. I could see the men on the end and could tell there were 4, 5, or six beside the one on the end. I was looking up steps and then a platform. Heard a changing of the guard. I feel what he is saying the ppes wont be as important as bandages and things to help the critically injured. That will be what they will urgently need this time

I no longer can hold back my anger and fury. Repent before it is too late. The hour 🕛 is nearing when all hell will break loose in your country. I can no longer suffer the anguish of what my eyes see. Repent Repent for it draws nearer than you think. Have I not warned. Have I not pleaded with my people to prepare and turn from your wicked ways. I will warn no longer. I will seek vengeance on this once great nation that has hidden their slain. Retribution is mine. Vengeance is mine saith the Lord.

Watch the stock market tumble. Watch this once great nation fall on its knees. I can no longer sit and watch the evil covering this nation and its slain. Call on me in your times of trouble and I will assist you. Prepare the way for others that will need guidance and repentance. For vengeance is mine saith the Lord. Work weeks will go down to 2 days a week. Commuter trains 🚉 will stop. Airlines will close. This once great nation will fall on her knees. For until your rule of law is under me peace will not return.

Instead if PPEs 😷 your nation will need bandages for the injured. You will need critical care facilities. Card board boxes will be used for make shift morgues. Food will be scarce and transportation lines decreased. Woe woe to the people living on the shores of this country because you will be hit first.

There will be a changing of the guard. Carolina shores will take in much water.🌊 New York will burn. 🔥Airplanes in the sky. Bloody battle on the shores of your land. Beseech me. For in this time your lady liberty will fall. 🗽Her garments will be as filthy rags in my sight. Rendered useless your weapons of mass destruction. They have played their cards and you ended with a losing hand. They will mock this once great nation.

Fires 🔥 will burn your great nation and you will stand no more. For out of the fires will come a man of great distinction to carry the weight of what just happened. He will turn things around. He will prop this once great nation back up again but only on 3 legs. Many lives will be lost. The death toll in the millions.

Money will fall like the great battleships. Rendered useless. Prepare bring the calves into the storehouse. Lean times are coming but my spirit will arise like never before. Everything will be canceled. You will be told to stay in place at home. Change is coming to this earth. Evil abounds. Clock is ticking. Hear my warning.


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