Healing Testimony – Lori B

Healing Testimony

Jan 9, 2020 6:55 AM
Lori B

In 2016, out of the blue I was stricken with a very rare neurological disease which left me bed-ridden in severe pain. The pain was so bad, (which I felt over and above the strongest pain medication prescribed). It was so bad that I contemplated moving to OR in order to become a resident so where I could qualify for the doctor assisted termination of life. However, I kept reading the Bible and praying to Jesus for relief. One day I was taken in my spirit by angels and was told to take a shower. Everything was pure white, even the white fluffy towel I was handed to dry. I was not ashamed of my nakedness or anything. Then I woke up from the
experience. Still I continued to be in pain…The one day my homecare Nurse came to give me my infusion and told me about this Christian church that another woman was “healed” from the very same disease. So I thought, “what the heck” I will give it a shot. I got dressed and my Husband helped me to the car and church where I had about 25 people laying their hands on me. I first saw Jesus in the traditional stained glass image holding a baby lamb like you see in a lot of “churches”, then I was before the Throne of God. I understood that I was “not” worthy to be before him (telepathically), (which I believe relates to why I was taken for a shower before this event–I was still not “clean” enough, but he had mercy. I was tiny like an ant before him, I was told “not to look up:, all I could see out of my peripheral vision was huge white columns, white marble floors, the steps I was on, and I noticed his golden sandles–which I was admiring, I felt in my spirit, that he thought I was cute, “typical woman loving shoes”…. As he does have a sense of humor. I could see his white robe and it was translucent white with various colors I have never seen before coming off of it. I was told to put my head down and he removed and object off the back of my neck. It was metallic of sort, oval in shape with clamps, claw-like with prongs 3 on each side which covered the stem of my neck. It was very painful when it was removed. I asked him what it was, he replied–“it was not of your world.” Immediately after that I found myself on the floor of the church unable to move. When they helped me up

I was able to walk again, unassisted, and the pain was gone! Immediately after that, I was water baptized and received the gift of the Holy Spirit. Weeks after that the base of the back of my neck still hurt, and I could actually feel the air passing through the holes in the base of my neck, by physically when I would look in the mirror I would see nothing. Since then, I have had quite a few visions, dreams, out-of-body experiences as to worldly affairs



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