He Will Slay with the Brightness of His Coming – Janice Sharp

Janice Sharp


He Will Slay with the Brightness of His Coming

These are words received in the last two months but I was unable to release them until now. Pray about what you read here as some things are hard to accept and understand.

When it is time to go, I will tell you. The time is coming, says the Lord God, when all will fall upon their knees in terror when they see the things coming upon this earth. They must repent then, though many will be taken in their sin, for they receive not the love of the truth. Time is coming soon when every eye will see Me and many will mourn when they look upon the One who they pierced.

His eyes will be flames of fire and will pierce through every soul on that great and dreadful day. All those who did not repent will have time no more. Why will they not repent? Because Satan has them bound through the original sin of pride. Lucifer, My fallen cherub who could have been in My presence forever, became filled up to overflowing with his own desire for worship and could no longer stay in the home I created for him. His home is now roaming the earth for his prey; unwitting humans who fall for his tricks because of their own pride. How he loves to destroy a soul and take it for his own. He collects souls to feed on, for him and his army of damned ones. My sheep have become his food and how he hates mankind, for taking his place in My eyes, for I loved My creation. Yes, I do love mankind, but they have fallen very far from the place I created for them. It is only because of My loving mercy that I have prepared a way for them to return to Me, through the Blood of My only begotten Son, who took all of their punishment upon Himself. He humbled Himself for their sake.

Take Me with you wherever you go now, never forgetting that I AM with you and will be calling on you soon. You will leave your realm of sin and death behind in exchange for eternal peace, joy and love. Wrap up your time spent in all other pursuits. Yes, get your affairs in order and leave notes to those that may come to your home in search of food or water. They will find the bread of life. It will be a time unlike any other in history and your worst imagining could not prepare you for it. Rocks will rain from the sky and fire and brimstone. The bugs will come up from the pit as the veil is lifted. I will give man all he has imagined and desired to do. I did not let mankind achieve this in Babylon, but this time Babylon will receive her reward and nothing will be held back . Once the locusts come, it will be too late to call back their plans.

Woe to the inhabitants of the earth in these days, for the worst fears of a man cannot prepare him for this horror. They will be stricken where they stand with eyes alight in fear. Oh how Satan has deceived them and yes, I will take out all the false prophets before this. They will be first to be exposed, yes first for Satan’s kingdom.

Note: I asked the Lord about a specific preacher who had come into my mind because I had seen that he was holding a massive rally or conference in Toronto that is leading people astray – Kenneth Copeland, who is as wicked as they come, you can see it in his eyes. This is what I heard the Spirit say: He will be tormented forever and ever for he will not repent. He is high up in Satan’s kingdom and has received the Spirit of Leviathan who rules him.

Write of the ones who will be left outside the gates because of unrepentant sin and lost chances. Why would they not come to the banquet when they could have replied with their lives. For they will have gone through great tribulation but would not humble themselves before the Most High in all His splendour. He will judge the earth. As Dan said (Godshealer7); there is no more time and the hour is upon you. Your time on this earth is coming to a close. I asked about this September 23, 2017 sign in the heavens and whether this was signalling a time that God was pointing us to and I heard the Spirit say. NO, they are making their own plans and using My signs to do it. It is a deception created by man to hide what is coming upon this earth. They try to tear down your civilization to build their own empire. They will not succeed until after I have taken My children. Their rule shall be short and they will not escape.

That is why I have warned all My children to focus on spending time in My presence, seeking Me for all of your wisdom, not relying on man’s wisdom, which is all folly. Even those who are seeking after Me are still following their own ideas and truth lies in their mind, wrapped around egos which always leads to pride. Unless I give them the wisdom, they are all following blind guides. Look up and keep your eyes, heart and mind on Me. I call you home.

Write of those who will mock and scoff to their own damnation. They let themselves have full control over all those around them and draw them in with lies and deceit. Woe to those who do not know Me in those days. I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh and you will be given power to tread on serpents and scorpions. I Am you only shelter and you must trust Me with all your heart, mind and strength. Let those who let until the Restrainer is taken out of the way. Speak of those who will walk on water and do mighty exploits even greater than I did when I sojourned on the earth. They will rescue those calling out to Me and help bring home the harvest of souls from the earth before My wrath falls on this wicked and perverse generation. Tell others now that this is coming.

Waves of destruction will topple every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of I AM. The waves will sweep all the evil back into the pit from whence it came. Try to see the time for it is upon you. All is well in the world or so it seems to so many. They eat, they drink, they dance and play. All dancing to the tune from the merry prankster and father of lies. Oblivious to the coming destruction and wrath about to hit every shore of every nation. Blessed is he who has made himself ready for the marriage supper of the lamb. Yes many will be caught unaware as they have already fallen into the traps laid for them. They seek to hide their plans, but nothing is hidden from My eyes. Time has come to an end as the hands have rested at 2 minutes to 12:00 – 2 minutes is only My mercy. The King of Glory is coming. He will slay with the breath of His mouth and the brightness of His coming.


Bless the Lord oh my soul


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