He took our place! – Seemah

He took our place!

May 25, 2020 8:34 AM

Dream 5/25/20

I was with a group of people perhaps a missionary team ministering from place to place. We went into a house where violence was seething. I found the daughter and the mother, but they were not looking for our help. Dad returned with his buddies and their next victim. They were going to shoot him. He was in trouble, the victim that is. I had remembered seeing him before and telling him about Jesus. I went over to him. I felt a deep love for him. I told him about the Lord and asked him if he was ready to see Jesus. I longed in my spirit that Jesus would just come and take his place against these violent men. The victim repented and asked the Lord into his life. He then sat in the execution chair and was killed. My heart rejoiced at his salvation. I told the violent men that he had went to be with Jesus. They seem deflated. I then went outside and found a couple and told them about what had happened. That Jesus had took his place on the cross. He had really taken his place!

John 11:35 Jesus said to her, I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, although he may die yet he shall live.

The last part kind of makes me laugh. After that part of the dream right before I woke up. I saw a road made of coins. When I woke up the song from The Wizard of Oz: Follow The Yellow Brick Road started playing in my head. It did make me laugh.

With love,



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