He removed himself from the church – Yankee Gal

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He removed himself from the church

August 26, 2023 8:56 AM
Yankee Gal

Dream i had August 25, 2023

9:54 AM

Now i am sharing this with you. I dreamt last night that i was in a non denominational church. and there was a person in black with a white beard singing worship to the Lord in a heavenly language. i stopped and try to understand what they were singing.
others came and said to the person why are you here? so they challenged him and he left, disappeared.
i took it to be The Holy Spirit as a Priest unto the Lord singing and worshipping HIM. And the christians challenged the Holy Spirit because they did not worship in the spirit rather the flesh so they did not recognize him.
He was grieved and offended and removed himself from the church. and then i woke up.
He was worshipping to the Lord but it had great meaning and depth but the church missed it.

Blessings. Yankee Gal


Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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